2013: The Year That Was

by Dave on 31st December 2013

As it’s the end of 2013, I feel an “End Of Year Awards” thing needs to take place (not that I’m going to be the only person who will do so). This will be a mix of mainstream and indy talents.

Most overrated wrestler (be it in their own minds, or the minds of wrestling fans over the age of 10):


  • Hulk Hogan (for thinking TNA were bigger idiots than they seemed to be throughout his tenure and trying to play off WWE and TNA for his ‘Legend’ factor, which lead to him not ending up on either, and hopefully will not turn up anywhere ever again)
  • John Cena (for being forced down the throats of the ‘WWE Universe’ yet again this year).
  • Randy Orton (similar to John Cena, remaining bland throughout. Genuinely the only way to turn his character around is to bring back the whole ‘Legend Killer’ thing back).
  • HHH (for remaining in the Main Event picture, even though he has never dropped down to anything less than this, even without a Main Event level title).
  • Bo Dallas (a man who has no charisma whatsoever and in spite of this was made into the NXT title holder ahead of a hell of a lot of better contenders).

My winner: HHH. It was difficult to decide who out of the list above, but purely down to how bored I am with the story lines he has been involved in in the past 12 months

Most over wrestler:


  • Nikki Storm (for how well received she was on her USA tour in October, impressing everyone left, right and center).
  • Daniel Bryan (for finally being recognised by WWE as someone who can come from the indies and make it on the main stage, with fans getting behind him).
  • Dolph Ziggler (for WWE actually putting a main event title on someone who again the fans have been vocal in supporting for the past couple of years).
  • Sami Zayn (for appearing on NXT and immediately getting over with the fans and continuing to do so up to the end of this year).
  • Antonio Cesaro (for consistently putting over talent in amazing matches, week in week out).

My winner: Nikki Storm. Admittedly this is something of a biased opinion, but purely because I saw how well she was taken in by the fans in the US.

Best Live Show/s of 2013:

A tie between AIW Girl’s Night Out 9&10 and ICW: Fierce Females – Luke… Whose Your Da?. Both shows were great and ran at the exact lengths they needed to, to tell the stories involved.

Indy stars most likely to take the step up onto TV:

  • Kimber Lee
  • Veda Scott
  • Shanna
  • Nikki Storm

Most surreal wrestling-related hi-jinx:

  • Awesome Kong circle dancing to “Like a Prayer“.
  • Discussing TNA’s women’s division with people who have first hand experience of what its like.
  • Being recognised by Mad Man Pondo at Shimmer.
  • Travelling to an indy show in the middle of nowhere to see Nikki Storm and Leah Von Dutch (who remember me).

Anyway, there is my ever so short awards list for 2013.

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