America…F**k Yeah (Part 2)

by Dave on 22nd March 2014

So following two trips to the States back in October, I make my grand return for AIW and their Girls Night Out brand (for shows 11 and 12).

Having got drunk and buried one incredible douchebag of a British fan (who thinks he’s more important than he really is, and the majority of female wrestling fans are aware of) for pretty much the entirety of my last trip, I’m looking forward to doing so again (although with no trips to random places in the middle of nowhere this time, which is not to say I wont be going anywhere, but instead that we’ve yet to decide where) as well as watching some great wrestling.

I also plan to record the first of my ‘C**t Chronicles’, which are somewhat in response to me appearing on ‘Juicy’ Pat Lucey’s Juicy Escapades the first time I was in Cleveland (see the video below, with the warning that I swear many times and get so drunk I’m unintelligible by the end).

So with that little bit of previous in mind here is a run down of the announced matches so far, in the order they were announced:

GNO 11

Mia Yim vs Athena
The first match announced and certainly one which I cannot wait to see, Athena is amazing from what I’ve seen of her on DVDs and Mia Yim has been impressing in both the US and Japan for the past few years.

Alysin Kay vs Leah Von Dutch
This is to determine who the true AIW Women’s Champion after the TGIF show earlier in the year where the Duke (co owner of AIW) challenged Kay to defend her title immediately after defeating Veda Scott, which was accepted and LVD won the match after a fast count. With vengeance on her mind, Alysin Kay is going to bring her all to win back the title she unfairly lost.

Veda Scott vs Shanna
Former dream tag team partners at Girls Night Out 9 who are now facing one another. This should be highly entertaining and it will be interesting to see who the crowd will cheer for, bearing in mind the program Veda is currently involved in with Gregory Iron, who could be a deciding factor in this match.

Kay Lee Ray vs Mickie Knuckles
A Scottish debut by Kay Lee Ray who will face the Queen of the Deathmatch on very level terms bearing in mind how crazy she normally wrestles. If there is anywhere for Kay Lee to jump off then I expect we will see her do so.

Jenny Rose & A Mystery Partner vs. The Social Network
The Social Network have such an amazing manager in Sammy Geodollno who acts all kinds of crazy and cuts some great promos. As for the mystery partner, this genuinely could be anyone as all those announced are booked in other matches.

Sassy Stephie vs Kaela
Following Sassy Stephie’s first ever AIW win back at GNO 10, she will be looking to continue this against the debuting Kaela who I have minimal knowledge about. Stephie is a workhorse who can make pretty much any opponent look good in my opinion.

Kimber Lee vs Hania the Howling Huntress
Kimber goes from strength to strength and this should be a great match against Hania who I have read lots of positive reviews about. Her match against Kana at the last set of SHIMMER tapings showed she can work stiff and give as good as she gets in the ring.

Angelus Layne vs Jasmin
Angelus Layne is someone who I have only heard about from friends, so it will be good to see her live and Jasmin gave a great babyface impression last time around which got the crowd immediately behind her.

Angeldust vs Nikki Storm
This could be an interesting contest between a former AIW Women’s Champion and Nikki Storm who always puts on a great showing.

Thunderkitty vs Marti Belle
About the only match I really am not looking forward to, mainly as Thunderkitty is very limited as a wrestler in my opinion and her match against Trash Cassidy for GNO 7 was god awful.

GNO 12

The Jollyville Fuck-its vs The Social Network
What do you do if you want to shake up the tag team division? Book it as an intergender match with 2 large guys against Annie Social and Heidi Lovelace. Veda Scott and Gregory Iron have previously held the titles, so a woman holding the title is nothing new.

Mia Yim vs Jasmin
Now with any luck this will end up being a great match between something of a veteran and someone who is relatively young in their career.

Shanna vs Hania the Howling Huntress
The final match announced and certainly could be up there with my favourite Shanna matches if these two gel together.

So anyway that is my little preview. For those of you who are at AIW next weekend, I’ll see you there. For those who aren’t, I’ll be the British bloke shouting random stuff.

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