Fierce Females: Mad Maxine – A Preview

by Dave on 11th July 2014

So with something of an absence (mainly due to working a hell of a lot) I return to writing a preview of a show, this time Fierce Females (formerly the sister company to ICW) who hold their first ‘big’ show since going their separate ways a week on Sunday (20th July). So far the card announced is:

Scottish Women’s Championship Match
Kay Lee Ray (c) vs. Nikki Storm
Now this should be one amazing match if the history of these two females is anything to go by. Kay Lee has had similar experience to Nikki in terms of places they have travelled to for wrestling, and she has not been dubbed the ‘Queen of Hardcore’ for nothing.

Tag Team Elimination, Last Woman Standing Match
Carmel and Sara vs. Kasey and Leah Owens
Both these teams have history following the previous shows and elsewhere in the UK and this should be a good match with the intensity that both teams will undoubtedly bring (and possibly the first female match of its kind). Carmel seems to have gained a following (dubbed the ‘Carmel Corner’) within Fierce Females and it will be duelling chants between them and the Owens ‘ICW Mafia’.

Sammi Baynz vs. Viper
I only have minimal knowledge of Baynz (mainly as she is primarily based out of Norwich and it seems doesn’t wrestle anywhere else), however she holds the RQW European Championship (which is only defended in Norwich for Bellatrix it seems). From what has been reported by people who have seen her however, she is a hard hitting brawler and Viper it would seem is the perfect opponent as she has impressed across the board (especially with the dive over the balcony onto Awesome Kong at the last show I attended).

Sammi Jayne vs. Liberty
I’ve only seen Sammi Jayne once, in a tag match with Debbie Sharp (see below) but I have been told that she has the makings of a good wrestler (hey she’s Scottish, she’s hardly going to be bad) and Liberty is someone who I’ve seen infrequently since I saw her back at Pro Wrestling EVE for their title tournament, but had the makings of a good wrestler back then. Unfortunately Liberty doesn’t appear outside of Norwich very often so it will be nice to see her away from the Norwich crowd.

Sweet Saraya vs. Bete Noire
Saraya is something of a divisive figure in British wrestling with people either liking or disliking her. I personally have a dislike of her due to finding her heel gimmick very one dimensional in my opinion. I have other reasons for why I dislike Saraya, but I won’t go into them here (however feel free to ask me over Twitter). As for the match itself it should be a hard hitting affair and Bete has come a long way from the first time I saw her to being (in my opinion) the 5th best wrestler based out of Scotland.

Penelope vs. Debbie Sharp
I’ve seen very little of either of these girls, so I don’t really know what to expect out of this match, but I’ll be interested to find out a little bit more about how each of them work, especially Penelope who I doubt has worked in front of an all adult crowd before (but I may be wrong).

As for my other activities during the weekend I’m headed to Edinburgh for W3L’s 100th show on the 19th in the afternoon and I’m looking for other stuff to do during the day/evening. If you can make it to either show you really should, as you are pretty much guaranteed good wrestling (for relatively little money). I am making my way up all the way (and back) by Megabus Gold (Megabus’ sleeper service) which I hope will allow me a half decent nights sleep.



You can find out more about Fierce Females and purchase tickets on their official site at, and follow and interact on Twitter (at @FFemalesGlasgow) and Facebook (at

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