Misc News: Jake The Snake Roberts Raw Review 9/08/08

by Al M. on 11th September 2008

RAW Review Sept. 8, 1008

Need to address the one or ones that don’t get the reason for me doing what I am doing. First of all, not bitter about the business. My love and passion continues to grow even now. What I do like is point of views from people. That way I can examine mine, compare, try to assume their way of thinking. Bill Watts once said, there isn’t such a thing as a bad idea, just the timing was either wrong or right. When I am trying to create I often search for someone just to bounce things off of. Listen to what they have to say and offer then whatever they have contributed even if not used, it still stirs my mind in a different direction, and often helps me with the idea due to
their thoughts and making me look at it in a different light. Not at any time am I jealous, bitter, or am I placing myself above those I am critiquing. Simply want to point out things that could possibly help them reach a level of performance that we all should strive for. When you quit learning, you should take your boots and tights off and burn them. I still learn everyday, and look forward to that. Believe me, you should hear how I dissect my own work, whether it be now or then. In ring, and out. Fishing, remodeling a home, washing a car taking a shower, or even when I make an ass out of myself, I look to see how, why, I did it and how I could make a bigger ass out of myself. And I look at what I didn’t do, either by luck or intelligence. I will not repeat this, now.

I don’t mind reading comments but I won’t read any more that don’t have anything to say constructively or anyone who desires not to identify themselves or at least their pedigree.

Even a blind hog finds a acorn every now and again. Hate to bring this up, don’t want to say it, but I told you so. Last week, said Matt would win ECW belt. He did. Several weeks ago, I even told you where the Shawn and Jericho thing was going. Offered up some ideas and whether by luck or somebody accepting them, they have happened. Jericho’s the champ. Didn’t think it would happen at Unforgiven and really have a problem with it being done the way it was. I mean come on. Unsanctioned match that leaves him battered, beaten, bruised cut, marked up and left in a puddle flat on his stomach and be dammed if he isn’t the one chosen to replace CM Junk.
Adamele, why Jericho? OH I know, just a storyline. Ask Shawn how he feels about it, and the other competitors. But then again, with the athletes today, either their recovery time is in warp speed or the writing is bullshit. After all, CM unable to perform and yet you put Batista against Jericho for your main event tonight and he’s obviously/and he even showed the audience how beat up he was by disrobing. So where is your head there? Maybe up your ass?

Mickey James vs Glamazon
Beth, tonight you started out slow, sloppy, and dangerous. Need to get legs under you when you are trying to lift anyone. Injuries happen when picking someone up improperly, and releasing them, improperly. Such as dropping Mickey across top rope, but one of her legs had not cleared your head, which caused her body to twist and unable to take a decent bump on rope or the mat. Then the pitchfork armbar. You need to brace her elbow. When bringing her arm down to your shoulder, need to be closer to hers.. that way you won’t break her arm, and she can accentuate the move. All in all damned good match. Mickey James is the firecracker needed. Although Mickey, your level of excitement was much lower tonight. It should have been higher when doing a job. Hold your head up, remember its not real.

Candice Michelle, at ring side for that match. Hopefully just setting up their PPV match. Do I smell something in the works, and God do I hope I’m wrong. We don’t need a lesbian relationship. Another one, in this business. Please prove me wrong.

Regal vs Noble.
Well Regal, you got yours back and then some. Again if it had been a street fight, Jamie would have given up in the first thirty seconds. Regal is coming across really well as that rugged competitor. You are able to do things with this featherweight that are really nasty. And Jamie, this looks like the week of destroying relationships as your girl left with Regal. Did anyone really think he could win her heart?

Hell, how about paying for a night? Still come up short. Oops, didn’t mean to say that, Jamie.

JBL and Charlie Haas
The chameleon strikes again, and this time he wins. Four minutes on this bs and does anyone think that JBL would pout and walk out of the ring and be counted out? No, he wouldn’t. Not unless it was written that way. Again, writers need to consider the character of the talent. And you missed it, this time.

Confrontation with Batista in back was just to set up the main event. Duh, like we can’t see that coming.

Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne vs Miz and John Morrison
If you missed this one, you missed the highlight of the year. So far, anyway. Expect to see Evan brought along very quickly. He has all the things that CM lacks, such as Charisma, and the fire, which are needed for a babyface. This was exciting, amazing, and beyond anything I would consider doing in my worst nightmare. The only thing I noticed wrong was John having to wiggle to get in the right spot for the finish. You could have actually done it by selling and rolling, or twisting, or even getting to your feet and being dizzy, falling back down in the right spot. Scooting into place just stinks. Super, loved it.

Orton slaps Dibiase 2. And welcome Manu to the scene. Afa’s son. Expect good things.

The six man tag of Cryme Tyme and Kofi against Dibiase, Rhodes, Manu
Might as well try to get some real heat here. Will do an in depth dissection of this tomorrow.

Snitsky vs Santino
This abortion , thank God it lasted one minute, and the only thing saving it, was the Honky Donky meter. Again I smell the Glamazon leaving Santino. Thank God abortions have gotten quicker.

Jericho and JBL against Batista
Adamle, taking the heat for bad writing, and bad match. It is what it is, and Batista , Cena would have beaten them both. Again they close the show without pleasing that last match. The beating down of Batista by JBL and Cade and of course after heat is started baby face makes come back. Trying to leave show on a high note. This show started out like a house on fire, but then wound up smelling like an out-house on fire.

All in all it was still one of the better ones but what would that take? Please read tomorrow night as I will painfully review 6 man.


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