Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock conference call notes and full audio .

by Woody on 11th September 2008

EliteXC and CBS held a conference call today for members of the media to talk with Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock regarding their main event scheduled for October 4th on CBS.This was one of the most explosive calls I have ever took part in as Ken and Kimbo went back and forth quite a few times and Shamrock also told two reporters to shut up.

Below are some quick notes from the call. The audio will be made available later today so stick with and we will have it for you. This call is a must listen.

EliteXC On CBS: Saturday Night Fights Conference Call Notes, September 11th, 2008

Participants on the call are Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock:

-Ken apologizes for his last few performances in his fights. He says he has his reasons but that are just excuses and that he will prove everything wrong on October 4th when he puts Kimbo to sleep.

-Kimbo replies “Promise?”

-Ken says that he will answer the question “Can he still compete?” when he fights Kimbo and he will answer the question with a period.

-“I don’t care who you are; I’m going to beat you up and ask questions later.”

-Ken says that he has never officially retired.

-Says that he knows Kimbo is big ,strong, and fast. Does not want to get into what he sees as Kimbos weaknesses but he knows from what he seen is his last fight that Kimbo won’t come in as the same fighter.

-Ken says he has a different attitude going into this fight and he is going to go in there and get it done.

-Ken says he is being offered up as a stepping stone and he is very insulted by it. Says he will smash that thought back into everyone’s face.

-Ken does not respect Kimbo’s grappling or striking. Says Kimbo has only knocked out tired fighter.

-Ken says that he is going make Kimbo tired with his striking.
Kimbo says he is going to give Ken a shot at his chin
Ken says “That’s why I’m the veteran and you’re an idiot”

-Does not respect Ken at all.

-Ken calls Kimbo a jabronie

-Says that he has no problem with the attention Kimbo gets. More power to him.

-Gets excited when he fights on national TV not nervous.

-In terms of bringing in special training partners Ken says “he went down to the local corner store and picked up every guy over 280lbs.”

-Says that he has nothing to prove. Just loves to fight and beat people up.

-Says Kimbo is coming from the same spot he came from and he is trying to take his turf.

-Ken tells a reporter to shut his mouth and earn respect when the reporter asks him why he is disrespecting Kimbo.

-Says the “worlds most dangerous man” moniker was something that was placed on him but he just looks at him as a fighter.

-Ken feels that this is a chance to revive his career in one shot.

-Likes what EliteXC has going on and wants to be one of the guys to put them over the top.

-Says he doesn’t like the fact Bas trains Kimbo because Bas knows him inside and out.

Kimbo Slice:

-Says he never will predict a fight.

-“I’m going to break his legs”

-Says he has watched Ken fight while he was growing up so he doesn’t care if he loses any other fighter but if he beats Ken Shamrock he knows he is good.

-He hopes Ken has trained his ass off for this fight because he wants the best Ken there is.

-Kimbo talks MMA math saying that Thompson beat Don Frye and Ken lost to Don Frye.

-As far as the ground is concerned, if Ken wants to take it to the ground he is going to mangle him up.

-Kimbo says he is training even harder than before.

-Kimbo says that everyone will have to wait until October 4th to see his grappling game.

-Kimbo says he is prepared for a lot of “shit” and that losing is not an option.

-Says it is an honor to fight Ken Shamrock.

-Says that he will fight whoever they put it front of him. Has never turned down an opponent and never will.

-Says he likes fighting in his “crib” in South Florida and it is somewhat of an advantage for him.

-Says Ken has the ability to break someone’s leg and he is not going to take that shit lightly. He wants to fight people that could knock him the fuck out and if they aren’t trying they better because damn sure is.

-Not one to toot his own horn, when asked how far he feels he is from a championship fight, Kimbo says he will leave that up to the media.

-Says he has watched a lot of tapes on Ken Shamrock

-Says he has a different game plan for every fighter. He says he will not fight Ken the way he fought James Thompson.

Bas Rutten:

-Says he knows Shamrock and he knows what he is going for and he is preparing Kimbo for what Shamrock is going to go for.

-Says that the things that happened in the Thompson fight were good for Kimbo. Says the things Kimbo does are things that guys have trained years for and still can’t do.

-Thinks Kimbo’s ground game look good in the Thompson fight.

-Says that Kimbo can fight through anything and that he has big balls.

-Bas says that Kimbo will not be looking past his opponent. He thinks Kimbo is a few fights away from being one of the best in the world.

-One problem Bas thinks people has if that they judge a fighter based on his last fight and although he is thinks Kimbo had a great last fight, people think he was exposed.

-Bas says he believes Kimbo has much more skill than Brock Lesnar. Feels he is more well rounded. Bas doesn’t want to take anything away from Lesnar but he feels Kimbo is better.

Jared Shaw:

-Says there is no comparison between Ken Shamrock and Brett Rogers. This fight has more appeal than the Kimbo/Rogers fight and that’s why they put it on.

-Says they will have their 4th show on CBS and they are in discussions to continue after the 4th show. was a part of this conference call.

Download the entire conference call here

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