PPV Fusion: SummerSlam 2010

by Firefly on 16th August 2010

The PPV kicks off with Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Matt Striker welcoming us and saying how exciting SummerSlam looks to be.

Our first match is Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by Vickie Guerrero) against Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship. After Ziggler and Vickie make their way to the ring, we see a video recapping how Ziggler won the title from Kingston a little over a week ago, followed by Vickie asking for people to excuse her, but before she can say anything more, Kingston makes his entrance.

The match ends with no apparent decision as The Nexus swarm the ring and attack both Ziggler and Kingston, and afterwards Wade Barrett grabs a microphone and says that the attack was just a taster for what they have in store for Team WWE later on, he says that though Team WWE is searching for a seventh member, it won’t make a shred of difference as the roster is so fragmented that they wouldn’t be able to band together to sign a birthday card, let alone face The Nexus.

The Nexus on the other hand, he says are the most destructive force in the history of the WWE, the reason being that they are united behind a common purpose, letting us know that “You’re either Nexus, or you’re against us”.

After a video recap of the attack that just took place and a shot of The Nexus making their way up the stage, we go backstage where Chris Jericho and Edge stroke The Miz’s ego, asking him to join Team WWE, with him responding that he’ll let them know, before stealing Edge’s Slim Jim.

Back out to the arena, Alicia Fox takes on Melina for the Divas Championship, with Melina winning the title after hitting her Snapmare-Facebuster move. Josh Mathews gets into the ring and starts to interview the new champion, but before he can finish his question or she answer, LayCool interrupt and make their way to the ring, sarcastically complimenting congratulating her.

They say that they have no competition, so they wanted to come and share in Melina’s special moment, but she pushes them both away when they want to take a picture with her, starting to attack them both before they both get to her and throw her outside of the ring, finishing with McCool hitting a running knee that smacks Melina’s head into the front of the announce table.

After a video promoting the next PPV which is Night Of Champions, we have a video recapping CM Punk’s unmasking by The Big Show last month and The Straight-Edge Society’s attack on Show’s hand three weeks ago, then to the 3-on-1 match between Show and the SES.

The match ends with Show getting the victory after a punch to Gallows and a Chokeslam to Mercury onto Gallows, then pinning them both as Serena helps Punk up the ramp. Afterwards, we see Kane backstage, saying that tonight he will shut the casket lid and end Mysterio’s very existence, but before he can say anything more, Sheamus enters.

Sheamus tells Kane that the casket is too large for Mysterio, but the perfect size for Orton, asking if he can borrow it for his match next, as like St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, he’s going to drive “The Viper” out of the WWE – Kane refuses.

Sheamus says that is too bad as together they would be unstoppable, telling Kane that he can keep his casket, but he will take his nickname as he says that people are calling him the real Big Red Monster, so from one champion to another, he should stay out of his way.

Kane tells Sheamus that he has guts, but says most of which will be spilt onto the floor if he ever interrupts him again, leaving him to move away with no retort. Afterwards, the announcers start talking about the next match until The Miz’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring and grabs a microphone.

The Miz says that we all saw him get asked by Hart and Cena to join Team WWE this past week on Raw (click here to see our Raw report), but what we didn’t see is what happened when he showed up earlier to the arena for SummerSlam.

He says that Cena admitted to him that he’s been wrong about him, begged him to be a part of Team WWE, saying that The Miz is the only Superstar that can see him. He says that Hart called him the Best There Is, Was and Ever Will Be, that Jericho gave him a Fozzy CD that he accepted but later threw in the trash, that Morrison said that he is the Jannetty of their former Tag Team, with Miz being the Shawn Michaels but only better, that Edge gave him a year’s supply of Slim Jims and Truth wrote him a crappy rap.

He says that he is the future WWE Champion, and that his decision on joining Team WWE is bigger than the Pepsi Challenge, Arnold Schwarzenegger starring in Terminator 5, and LeBron James’ spectacle on ESPN that he says will ultimately lead to the Lakers losing the NBA championship (causing the crowd to boo heavily).

Teasing out his decision as long as he can, he says that he will be the seventh member, saying that he will lead the team to victory and people will be admitting to what he has been saying all along, starting to go into his catchphrase which the crowd start to finish before he tells them that he can’t finish it – they should raise their hand and wait to be called upon if they have anything to say to him, with him wanting silence as he tells us that he is The Miz, and he’s Awesome!

Next, before the match between Sheamus and Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, we see a video recapping the events of the past few weeks involving them both. The match ends with Sheamus getting disqualified (but still keeping the title) as the referee tries to take a steel chair from him and ends up being thrown outside the ring by Sheamus not letting go.

Afterwards, Sheamus attempts to hit Orton with it but Orton ducks it and kicks Sheamus with a low blow, dragging him outside and hitting an RKO on the announce table which doesn’t break from the impact.

After a trailer for “Legendary” starring John Cena, then a video recapping the past few weeks involving Kane and Rey Mysterio, Mysterio takes on Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Kane retains the title after hitting a Chokeslam for the 3-count, afterwards grabbing a microphone and telling Mysterio that he told him that he was going to pay for what he did to The Undertaker, and he will pay with eternal suffering as hell consumes his soul, him being surrounded evermore by darkness within the casket.

Kane drags Mysterio towards the casket and opens it, closing it again when Mysterio starts to fight back, but he hits Mysterio with two more Chokeslams and then a Tombstone Piledriver before going to open the casket again – this time the casket is not empty, but holds The Undertaker who then sits up and climbs into the ring.

Kane looks surprised, but stats smiling and tells The Undertaker that it was Mysterio who attacked him, as The Undertaker goes to Mysterio and says he is going to make things right, quoting “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth”, he asks Mysterio why – to which Mysterio protests his innocence and says that it was Kane who did it.

The Undertaker says that he believes him, before grabbing him by the throat and slowly picking him up before letting go after a few moments, turning around and after staring at Kane for a few moments grabbing Kane around the throat.

Kane grabs The Undertaker around the throat and overpowers him, then hitting the Tombstone Piledriver on him before making his pyro go off, then laughing as he leaves. Afterwards, we see a video featuring what happened during the weekend such as Fan Axxess, community visits and reading promotion by WWE Superstars.

Now, after a video recapping the events of the past few weeks between Team WWE and The Nexus, The Nexus make their way to the ring for the next match. Team WWE starts to enter next, Cena first, followed by Edge, Truth, Jericho, Morrison, and Hart. The Miz’s music hits and he walks out onto the stage before Cena interrupts and says that The Miz is too late, saying that they couldn’t wait for somebody who wasn’t making their decision until the day of SummerSlam, and that they have already found their seventh member – it’s not The Miz, but it is… Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan makes his way down the ramp as Cole rants about how much of a bad idea it is, as Team WWE rushes the ring to start off the match. The eliminations are as follows:

  1. Young eliminated when Bryan makes him tap out to the Crossface.
  2. Tarver eliminated when Morrison hits Starship Pain and pins him.
  3. Morrison eliminated after a kick to the back of the head by Gabriel then a Clothesline by Sheffield to get the 3-count.
  4. Hart eliminated by Disqualification when he uses a chair on Sheffield that was slid into the ring by Barrett, possibly for Slater who was in the Sharpshooter just before.
  5. Sheffield eliminated by Edge after a Codebreaker by Jericho then a Spear by Edge for the pin.
  6. Otunga elminated when Jericho makes him tap out to the Walls Of Jericho.
  7. Jericho eliminated by Slater after what appears to be a Zig-Zag for the pin.
  8. Edge eliminated by Slater rolling him up for the 3-count after him and Cena arguing about which one of them was in the match now, Edge and Jericho then both attack Cena.
  9. Slater eliminated when Bryan makes him tap out to the Crossface.
  10. Bryan eliminated by Barrett, pinning him after Bryan is hit from behind with the Money In The Bank briefcase by The Miz.
  11. Gabriel eliminated when he misses a 450-Splash and Cena quickly pins him.
  12. Barrett eliminated when Cena makes him tap out to the STF, thus ending in a win for Team WWE.

After a video recapping all the eliminations in the past match, Cena celebrates in the ring as SummerSlam goes off the air.


A very entertaining PPV overall, made all the better for Daniel Bryan being revealed as the seventh member of Team WWE, which was completely unexpected. Melina coming back and winning the title so soon seems to trample all over the credibility that Alicia Fox has built up since she won the title herself, but after LayCool’s interruption, perhaps this is indicative of a feud that will end up combining both titles into one championship?

A couple of days ago we made some SummerSlam predictions on our Twitter account, please see below for what we predicted, and whether we got any right.

Prediction: Melina to win Divas Championship.

Result: Correct.

Prediction: Sheamus to retain WWE Championship.

Result: Correct.

Prediction: Kane to retain World Heavyweight Championship.

Result: Correct.

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler to retain Intercontinental Championship.

Result: Though not in the method expected, technically correct.

Prediction: SES to defeat Big Show.

Result: Incorrect – will this start an implosion of the SES?

Prediction: The Nexus to defeat Team WWE.

Result: Incorrect – though it may be a method that still shows them as a serious threat, having Cena overcome the odds like that instead of them beating him, still makes it seem a little less of one.

Prediction: Teddy Long to possibly come out and announce a match between LayCool to determine a single Women’s Champion, possibly starting a rift in LayCool.

Result: Incorrect – seems that LayCool will stay as Co-Champions and best friends for now.

Prediction: The Miz to cash in Money In The Bank against Sheamus to win the WWE Championship.

Result: Incorrect – but it’s still entertaining always wondering when he’ll cash it in.

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