Sexism and Pro Wrestling

by Dave on 5th July 2015

OK, I’m going to start of by saying this doesn’t apply to all promoters of the crazy business which I love (Dann Read, Mikey Whiplash, etc. you have nothing but my respect), but seriously I’m getting more and more pissed at promoters not putting Women’s matches on cards, particularly here in the UK. Prime example of this is the main reason behind me deciding to write this post in the first place: BritWres-Fest.

This was a show which promised to bring the best of British wrestling to the masses but yet only had one woman appear on the show in a purely managerial capacity… My immediate reaction was “WTF, are we living in the 19th century or something?!?!” and that hasn’t gone away.

The UK scene has some of the greatest female talents out there and only minor dedicated outlets, who when a ‘compilation’ show takes place are overlooked shows that there has to be a certain attitude in certain promoters minds (AKA that “Women’s matches are piss break matches”).

Unfortunately this was not the first show where this has happened this year, as IPW were running a show less than a mile from me and again didn’t have any female inclusion anywhere on the show (so as a result I chose not to go and they lost a potential customer for their show)

Now anyone who has seen any of the following: The Owens Twins, Nikki Storm, Kay Lee Ray, Carmel Jacob, Viper, Rhia O’Reilly and Bete Noire in any sort of match will know how great they are, and they can put on matches as well as, if not better than a large amount of male wrestlers in the UK (or as Dann Read once put it “They have to work twice as hard to be viewed half as good”).

I always sing the praises of women’s wrestling and this even formed part of a presentation I had to do as part of a qualification I am currently undertaking.

So what is the solution? My opinion is to go directly to the source and message companies who don’t have women’s matches on the card and ask “Why not?” I’m prepared to take any criticism of my point of view/writing, as long as there is a justifiable point to your argument.

I will leave it at this: thankfully there are some great companies out there who are doing a good job of promoting women’s wrestling and I’m more likely to go to a show if it has a women’s match on its card.

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  1. Avatar of Ron Simmons saying "Damn!"
    Matt 5th July 2015 at 5:46 pm

    I completely agree, you would expect it to be a no brainer to showcase the highliy talented women of the British Wrestling scene in a compilation show dedicated to that same scene – to show only the men is to miss a lot out.

    As a big fan of women’s matches myself too, I agree with your opinion on Twitter that a show should include a minimum of two women’s matches.

    It is 2015, so you would have thought that promoters would make sure not to fail to include any at all.


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