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by Firefly on 14th December 2015

The 2015 WWE TLC Pay-Per-View starts with a video hyping the matches to take place later in the night, followed by “The New Day” Kofi Kingston and Big E (accompanied by third member, Xavier Woods who then joins commentary), “Lucha Dragons” Kallisto and Sin Cara and “The Usos” Jimmy and Jey Uso facing on each other in a Triple Threat Ladder match for the WWE Tag Team Championship to kick things off.

The match sees Kingston get the victory for his team to retain the titles, when Woods takes advantage of there being no disqualification by throwing his trombone at Kallisto’s back and allows Kingston to pull Kallisto off the ladder and climb it to retrieve the titles.

After a video hyping NXT TakeOver: London, live on the WWE Network on this upcoming Wednesday, and a video recapping the events that led to the upcoming match, Rusev (accompanied by Lana) taking on Ryback in a match which sees Rusev get the victory, when he applies The Accolade and leaves no other option but for Ryback to apparently pass out and the referee to call for the bell and declare Rusev the winner as a result of the submission.

After a video hyping the Stone Cold Podcast episode with Shawn Michaels airing immediately following TLC on the WWE Network, an interaction backstage involving Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, and a video recapping the events that led to the upcoming match, Alberto Del Rio is pitted against Jack Swagger in a Chairs match for the United States Championship.

The match sees Del Rio get the victory and retain his title, when he hits a double foot stomp from the top rope onto Swagger above a pile of chairs and covers him for the 3-count.

After a video recapping the events that led to the upcoming match, the team of Rhyno, Tommy Dreamer and “The Dudley Boyz” Bubba Ray and D-Von goes against “The Wyatt Family” Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman in an 8-Man Elimination Tables match.

The match sees Strowman get the victory for his team, which still consists of himself, Harper and Wyatt, when Bubba Ray’s flaming table attempt is thwarted before it can be lit by a superkick from Harper which Strowman follows up with a chokeslam through the table.

After checking in with the TLC Panel (comprised of Renee Young, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves), a video hyping the next WWE Pay-Per-View, Royal Rumble on 24th January 2016, and a couple of videos recapping the events of the past week that led to the upcoming match, Kevin Owens takes on Dean Ambrose in a match for the Intercontinental Championship.

The match sees Ambrose get the victory, when he counters Kevin Owens’ Popup Powerbomb attempt into a hurricanrana pin for the 3-count to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

After a video hyping shows coming soon to the WWE Network, and a video recapping the events that led to the upcoming match, Paige is pitted against Charlotte (accompanied by her father, Ric Flair) in a match for the Divas Championship.

Charlotte gets the victory and retains her title, when she pulls Paige down to slam face-first into an exposed turnbuckle – which Charlotte herself exposed while the referee was distracted by Paige complaining about Ric Flair interfering to break up a pin – and covers her for the 3-count.

After a video recapping the events that led to the upcoming match, Sheamus goes against Roman Reigns in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The match sees Reigns looking like he’s about to get the victory, when Rusev and Alberto Del Rio – Sheamus’ fellow members in the League of Nations – interfere and attempt to beat down Reigns. Sheamus follows it up with a Brogue Kick that finally manages to put Reigns down long enough for him to climb the ladder and retrieve the title to retain it.

Afterwards, Sheamus celebrates with Rusev and Del Rio until Reigns recovers enough to re-enter the ring and take them out with a spear. Roman Reigns decides that isn’t enough retribution however, as he grabs a steel chair and hits all three men with it, repeatedly in the case of Sheamus.

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and referees making their way to the ring to attempt to calm Reigns down results in him stopping for a short period, but then taking it out on Triple H with a Superman Punch, multiple shots with the steel chair, slamming him off the announce tables, an elbow drop that puts Triple H through the Spanish announce table, and a spear a short while later when he notices him being helped to walk by referees.

Roman Reigns celebrates at the entrance, as TLC goes off the air.

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