Guest Booker With Greg Gagne

by Woody on 16th September 2008



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Reviewed by: Andy Evans

Once again Kayfabe Commentaries return with another edition of the hit series “Guest Booker”. This time the programme provides us with a great scenario that if done right back in 1984 would have provided the sport with an entire new future that nobody could even really imagine. What you need to do now is Imagine if Pro Wrestling USA, the co-promotion that would join all the other major wrestling groups, like Mid South, Jim Crockett and AWA for example and have the cooperation of the entire wrestling world except for Vince McMahon & the WWF at the time. What would happen if they bonded together and pitched in ideas on equal representation to take out the expanding promoter that wanted to run them all out? Within this scenario Greg Gagne is given the task of being the head booker with an incredible talent roster from all the major joining groups. The time frame is the end of 1984 and the AWA under its owner Verne Gagne is the president by seniority, but all promoters are treated equally to battle their opposition, the World Wrestling Federation. After a brief history session on Pro Wrestling USA which helps to clearly set the scene of the time we move on to the first section which is choosing the roster Greg’s choices are displayed on screen. When the roster has been selected, all choices are easily displayed so that the viewer never forgets the entire plan. The graphics & chapters allow for the viewer to make his own ideas and judgments when watching Greg’s thoughts displayed to them. Camera work is basic, but can only be that way in a forum like this. As is normal with Kayfabe programmes the audio track is clear and precise and every word can be heard and more importantly understood by both Sean Oliver and Greg. There are not many extras on this programme however we do have a rather brief talk on the crazy Iron Sheik. Despite this the interview is nicely split into easy to understand chapter points which have plenty of discussion leading from them. So now the focus turns onto the actual content of the DVD. For over two hours you sit with Greg as he explains his every move in terms of booking the first year of Pro Wrestling USA. One of the most interesting aspects of these Guest Booker DVD’s is to understand why the booker in question would choose the roster he has selected. With a situation like Pro Wrestling USA, Greg really has a clean slate and this is shown throughout this programme. One of the interesting aspects is how he describes how a booker works. For example you will see during this programme that Greg actually lets Sean do a lot of the booking but offers in when he feels something has been missed or a change is needed. It goes to reinforce how any promotion needs a team of bookers and you cannot rely solely on one individual to book a television programme or series of feuds effectively. Another interesting aspect of this would be the storied which Greg tells. For example you have the full unedited version of what actually happened when Vince McMahon met with Verne to buy out the AWA. He also has some heated choice words for Jeff Jarrett and TNA. This is a fascinating programme to watch and also to sit down and think about as the whole concept of Pro Wrestling USA has never really been looked into in this much detail. It is interesting to see how Greg does book the storylines leading up to the big supercard. One interesting element is when Greg books himself into a mini feud with the NWA Champion Ric Flair. When you look at the roster which he selected it was interesting to see this mini feud when he had the likes of Ted DiBiase and Randy Savage who could have been utilised.. The X Factor of these programmes is considering that the booker in question only has 2 hours to book feuds and continuous storylines so you just know that when the lights and the cameras were off and Greg had time to reflect he would have changed some aspects of the book. What does clearly show is that of Kayfabe which does not exist in this day and age however back in 1984 the storylines had to be believable and if done correctly would mean a high gate at the box office. Whether you were around during the territorial days of professional wrestling or not, you need to get this DVD to see how a great mind of the wrestling business books a project which if things had been different could have changed the landscape of professional wrestling that we all know today. This is in my mind is the best Guest Booker in the series. Buy It Today.


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