Raw Fusion: Young Disappointment

by Firefly on 17th August 2010

The 16th August 2010 episode of Monday Night Raw kicks off after the titles roll, with Michael Cole welcoming us to the show, and both he and Jerry “The King” Lawler quickly recapping that Team WWE won at SummerSlam (click here to see our SummerSlam report), before The Nexus make their way to the ring, with Barrett grabbing a microphone.

Quoting “That that doesn’t kill us, will only make us stronger,” he says that Team WWE narrowly escaped with a victory, but The Nexus defeated six of the best that Raw had to offer, and as people can see, rumours of their demise are greatly exaggerated as they are still there, united, and ready to dominate the WWE.

He says that everybody was concerned about what would happen if The Nexus won at SummerSlam, but nobody thought about what might happen if they were defeated, unfortunately they did, so the consequences for Raw will be more suffering, destruction and chaos, more pain and misery for anybody who gets in their way.

He says SummerSlam was a temporary aberration, and to mark his words, before being interrupted by John Cena. Cena says that he has to say that he is impressed, clarifying it’s because Barrett talks a big game, saying he has the resolve of Winston Churchill, and is as touch as Snookie from Jersey Shore, with the reason for him saying that is because Barrett tapped out.

He says that Barrett caused The Nexus to lose at SummerSlam and he’s now saying that it will make them stronger, but he says he’s really thinking that The Nexus are the expendables, and wondering why he ever got rid of Daniel Bryan as at SummerSlam he got rid of half of The Nexus by himself.

Cena says that The Nexus’ defeat shows that they’re not an indestructible group, but are human and can be beaten, so tonight they are going to look at them differently than before, namely as individuals.

He says that Barrett should play close attention as he might see some flaws that he might decide shows where they went wrong, starting by calling Otunga nothing more than a below-average male escort who clings to someone’s arm on the red carpet.

Moving on to Tarver, he says he looks like an MMA bank robber who works late-night as a male stripper, and that if his trunks get any smaller, they’ll have to change the rating on the show. Next he asks if it’s Heath Slater, or the girl from Wendy’s, putting up an image on the Titantron combining the two, which causes a “Wendy’s” chant.

Moving on to Darren Young, he says that this one hits close to the chest as his very existence has proved his mother true all these years, as he thought she was lying, but she did have a lusty affair with buckwheat.

Justin Gabriel is in the firing line next, he says he doesn’t know much about him, but he knows he has an alternative way of thinking, he says for anybody who didn’t get it, he will be at The Late Show to explain.

Saying it looked like it was over Skip’s head, but he doesn’t need to say anything as Cena took a mind-reading course in college, that he’s thinking “Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow, eat a jumbo, tugboat!”

He says The Nexus is nothing more than human, the fear instilled in the locker room is gone, the psychological edge that they are an indestructible force working for a higher power is gone, they lost last night and The Staples & SummerSlam will always be known as the place where The Nexus was history.

When Young says that Cena doesn’t know what he’s talking about, Cena calls him a by-product of a gallon of brandy and his mother’s celebrity crush and says that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about as he tapped out in under a minute, cutting to the chase to say that his name shouldn’t be Darren Young, it should be The Weakest Link.

The lights flash, a sound plays, and Michael Cole announces that he as received an email from the General Manager. He says that The Nexus may claim that they are stronger, but those words are going to be put to the test as SummerSlam will be continued, with each member of The Nexus facing a member of Team WWE, and any interference from members of The Nexus will be met with swift and appropriate consequences.

Barrett says that isn’t a punishment, it’s an opportunity for redemption and a chance to examine The Nexus to see if there are any weak links, which if there are they will be weeded out, as if anybody in The Nexus is not victorious in their match, they will be exiled from the group, with them being stronger than ever one way or the other by the night is over – Otunga says that is fine with all of them, but that it also applies to Barrett.

Receiving another email from the General Manager, he tells The Nexus that they can choose themselves which member faces a member of Team WWE, except Barrett who will compete next against his former NXT mentor, Chris Jericho.

The match ends with Barrett getting the victory after countering a Codebreaker attempt with The Wastelands and pinning him, with the other members of The Nexus watching on a screen backstage and looking impressed.

Now, Justin Roberts introduces tonight’s Guest Hosts, stars of “Going The Distance,” Charlie Day, Justin Long, and Jason Sudekis. Entering the ring and grabbing a microphone each, they greet the crowd and say how excited they are to be there and introduce The Hart Dynasty (with Natalya) to the ring before leaving.

As the Dynasty are in the ring, Cole receives another email, he says that from now on the Unified Tag Team titles will now be known as the WWE Tag Team Championships, introducing Bret “The Hitman” Hart to present the new titles. Once presented to the Dynasty, they all celebrate in the ring until The Nexus interrupt and let Hart know that his opponent tonight will be Justin Gabriel.

Michael Tarver takes on Daniel Bryan next, Cole bad mouths Bryan throughout but the match ends with The Miz and his Rookie Alex Riley distracting Bryan, allowing Tarver to roll him up for the 3-count. Afterwards, The Miz attacks Bryan, ending the attack with a Skull-Crushing Finale outside the ring onto his Money In The Bank briefcase.

Backstage, Josh Mathews asks The Miz to explain his actions, to which The Miz tells him that from the moment Bryan arrived in NXT Season 1 as his Rookie, the WWE Universe heckled him, saying that he was better than him and saying that he should be The Miz’s Pro.

He says at SummerSlam, every single Superstar begged him to be on Team WWE, only for him to go out there and be put on the back burner in favour of Daniel Bryan. He says that everyone thinks Bryan’s special, but asks how special he is now, he says that if you want somebody special, the next WWE breakout star, to look no further than Alex Riley.

Riley says that tired, boring, Daniel Bryan is an underdeveloped nerd that never appreciated The Miz and is lucky to even have a job in the grown man’s company of the WWE, and that he himself is the next winner of NXT and he owes it all to The Miz.

Now we see The Nexus talking backstage, when Young announces to them that he wants to face Cena tonight, he says that last month he brutally attacked him, but tonight he’s taking him out – the other members seem surprised, but Otunga says that tonight is all about redemption, and even though he knows the consequences, he’s still stepping up, so he respects that.

After Gabriel makes his way to the ring for his match against Hart, Cole receives another email quoting the General Manager, saying that Gabriel won’t be competing against Hart. He says that he doesn’t like Hart, never has, and hopes that he never sees him competing on Raw ever again, and he says that his opponent instead is making his way to the ring – we soon find out, that the opponent is Randy Orton.

Gabriel gets the victory via Count Out thanks to Sheamus interfering and causing a fight between him and Orton to erupt outside the ring and in the crowd, afterwards Orton gets into the ring and hits Gabriel with an RKO, then attacking Sheamus with a chair multiple times before starting to leave – seeing Sheamus getting back up, he goes back and hits him with an RKO on the outside.

Next up, Skip Sheffield and David Otunga go against John Morrison and R-Truth in a Tag Team match, Sheffield getting the victory for his team after he hits a Clothesline on Morrison and pinning him.

Now, we have a Six-Diva Tag Team match pitting Eve Torres, Gail Kim, and new Divas Champion Melina against Jillian, Maryse, and Alicia Fox. The match ends with Jillian getting the win for her team after hitting Eve with a powerbomb from the turnbuckle, looking rather surprised afterwards.

Going backstage, Mathews interviews Edge, asking him how important it was to be a part of Team WWE and hand The Nexus their first defeat, to which he replies that it was huge, but not surprising that the team that he led allowed Team WWE to get the victory.

Before he can ask another question, Slater interrupts and tells him that he’s scheduled to face him tonight, saying that maybe they can work something out as he patterned himself around him, suggesting that Edge forfeit, but Edge refuses saying that normally he would, but he doesn’t want the record books to show that he forfeited to a Wendy-looking, ginger-haired, Edge wannabe, with Slater getting a shot in from behind when he turns around to leave.

Back out to the ring, Edge now takes on Slater, with Slater getting the victory when he avoids Edge’s spear on the outside by rolling back into the ring, also beating the Count Out that Edge loses by – afterwards, Edge gets in the ring and hits him with a Spear anyway and leaves him lying in the ring.

Backstage again, we have a skit with the Guest Hosts and The Great Khali, where the hosts end up bad-mouthing Khali’s girlfriend and then Khali admitting that she is “butt-ugly” before the Bella Twins interrupt and lead him off.

After a SummerSlam Recall video showing the events involving the Superstars in Los Angeles at the weekend, John Cena goes against Darren Young, with the match ending in a victory for Cena after he makes Young tap out.

Afterwards, The Nexus all run down from the stage where they were watching the match, and surround three sides of the rings but allow Cena to leave before they enter it and attack their now former member, Darren Young. After hitting him with The Wastelands and a 450-Splash, the remaining six members of The Nexus stand tall over Young as Raw goes off the air.

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