WWE News: Jim Ross New Blog Is Up! Great Stuff: Austin, Flair, And More!

by Al M. on 16th September 2008

I have to admit that I multi tasked Monday night with my TV viewing sharing time between Raw and the Cowboys-Eagles NFL game.

I DVRed Raw and here are some observations:

Jericho-Punk had a really solid opening, cage match. Both men bring something special to the table. Nice chemistry between 2 athletic talents.

Nice to see Santino Marella, an entertaining antagonist, get to sit at the “grown up” table in a key interview segment.

William Regal pairing w/Layla should earn the underrated Regal more TV time.

Evan Bourne is a rapidly rising star. He’s quickly growing past the “side kick” role. Best shooting star press I’ve ever seen from this young star.

For the record, unlike the NFL’s Chris Cooley, I am writing this blog fully clothed. 🙂

HBK vs. Jericho for the World’s Title in a Ladder Match at No Mercy should be excellent. A show stealer?

Charlie Haas impersonation of yours truly got Charlie noticed again, which was the point. No worries here as that road has been traveled before. Upside here was that our Bar-B-Q biz got a Mamajuana-like TV mention. Perhaps I need to go on Lawler’s no carb diet after seeing Charlie’s “drum.”

Yours truly has been honored to have been chosen to write the foreword for Mike Chapman’s new book on the great Danny Hodge. I’m reading the manuscript this week.

My blurb on Steve Austin certainly got people talking about Steve returning to ring for “one more match.” To the best of my knowledge, Steve has no intention of returning to the ring, but is working out like a warrior to prepare for his upcoming movie role. Austin does seem like a leading candidate to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009 in Houston.

I received 2 great voice mails from Ric Flair Tuesday while I was in route from OKC-Nashville. Ric sounded great, upbeat and busy. His recent controversy seems to have two distinctly different stories. Ric is in the process of recording a DVD interview that he seems excited about. This one should contain some interesting “road stories” and career highlights and lowlights. It was great hearing from Ric who is following his friend Steve Spurrier’s South Carolina Game****s and also keeps up with another friend Bob Stoops’ Oklahoma Sooners.

Tuesday night, Friday Night Smackdown will be taped in Nashville. I am anxious to see what this No Mercy themed broadcast entails. Hopefully, more wrestling than not. Personally, I would like to see all wrestling TV shows invest more time bell to bell.

How did the King escape Raw in his hometown w/o a calamity? Oh, yeah I guess “Jim Haas” was King’s surrogate. 🙂

It’s been a long time since so many young wrestlers have received TV time. That’s essentially a good thing and puts the onus on the youth of the WWE to step up and accept the responsibility that goes with the territory.

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