NXT Fusion: Make That A Double

by Firefly on 18th August 2010

The 17th August 2010 episode of NXT starts out before the titles roll with a video hyping that tonight is a double elimination. After the titles roll, the remaining Rookies are introduced to the ring, and then asked by Matt Striker to talk about anything they want except why they should not be eliminated.

Percy Watson is first with his topic being 3D – Desire, Determination, and Dedication. Alex Riley is next, with his topic being Alex Riley, Michael McGillicutty’s is his competition, Kaval’s is NXT, and Husky Harris’ is cowboy boots.

Afterwards, Striker reveal that the first elimination will take place right now – and the one to be eliminated is Watson, who then thanks the fans for their support and his Pro MVP for everything he did for him.

Next, McGillicutty takes on Zack Ryder, with McGillicutty losing after getting his with the Rough Ryder and pinned, with Michael Cole and Josh Mathews giving a quick recap after the match of the events at SummerSlam between Kane and The Undertaker (click here or our SummerSlam report).

Going backstage, LayCool fire up Kaval, with Michelle asking Layla after he’s left whether there is something between them – Layla denies it, but says that she loves to close her eyes and listen to his voice. Michelle calls that weird as Layla walks off, but she is approached by Harris who asks if she believes in love at first sight, or whether he should walk by again – she tells him to walk by again, and walks off.

Now, Harris goes against Kaval, with Kaval getting the win after hitting the Warrior’s Way. After a video recapping the events on Raw between The Miz and Daniel Bryan, Riley is pitted against Kofi Kingston, with Kingston getting the win after hitting the Trouble In Paradise.

Next, we have a video recapping the events in Los Angeles over the weekend, followed by a video recapping the events on Raw between Team WWE and The Nexus (click here for our Raw report). Afterwards, Striker asks Cole and Mathews who should be eliminated and who should win – Cole chooses Kaval to be eliminated and Riley to win, and Mathews agrees with him.

We now find out that the second elimination is Husky Harris, which his Pro Cody Rhodes rants about both the other Pros and the other Rookies, then attacking Kaval with the help of Harris. MVP and Kingston intervene, with Kaval hitting what appears to be a double axe-handle onto Harris on the outside, before Harris and Rhodes make their way up the ramp as NXT goes off the air.

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