WWE News: Updated No Mercy Card w/Early Predictions

by Al M. on 17th September 2008

No Mercy will be held on October 5, 2008. Here is the updated card with my early predictions:

*Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels in a ladder match for the World Hvt. Championship.

Al’s Vault: This match will be the best match on the PPV with out a doubt. I will buy the PPV just to watch this match. I cant see HBK ending Jericho’s Title run so early. So that being said it will be a gret match but Jericho will retain.

*Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy for the WWE Title.

Al’s Vault: Should be a fun match to watch and belive it or not I choose Jeff Hardy to win the title. In recent weeks they have been drilling him about how he always comes up short, so it just makes me belive that Hardy will take the Gold for the first time in his career.

*Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry for the ECW Title.

Al’s Vault: Should be intersting to see them in the ring again, they have good chemistry, and I just see this match going to a No DQ with Hardy Retaining the Gold!

*Batista vs. JBL. (#1 Contenders Match)

Al’s Vault: Do I even need to get into this one, Batista Wins! If he doesnt win it would be because of some type of interferance, or a chair shot from JBL.

*Beth Phoenix vs. Candice Michelle for the WWE Women’s Title.

Al’s Vault: Lets hope Candice Michelle can get rid of all her ring rust, and hopefully she can pull of a good match. I dont see Beth Phoenix loosing her title this month especailly to Candice.

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