The Best in the Galaxy becomes Best in the Universe

by Dave on 15th April 2016

As I write this, a couple of days after the official announcement from WWE of their latest intake of new stars I can honestly say that this is one of the happiest moments due to personal association with a certain Nikki ‘Best in the Galaxy’ Storm. Anyone who has spoken with me at any length about wrestling will be aware as to how much I have ranted and raved about her abilities, both in ring and on the Microphone, and I am so glad to finally see her snapped up by a big company, especially after all the rumours of her signing have been floating around about her having been signed.

I feel privileged to have seen Nikki’s final match as an indy star (Pro Wrestling EVE’s Lets Make History) and can only imagine she will show the world what I have come to expect from having seen her perform regularly for the past 5 and a half years.

I also have various highlights which I will share with you from the various madness/shows that I was present for during her time as an Indy star.

1. Nikki vs Saraya Knight (Pro Wrestling EVE: Empire Strikes Back) where I first saw Nikki and was hooked on her amazing technical skill.

2. Nikki vs Britani Knight (aka Paige) (Pro Wrestling EVE: Championship Tournament Night 2) where Nikki started to become the vocal star on the microphone to match her in ring ability.

3. Nikki vs Alpha Female (EVE: Wrestlefever) in one of the only hardcore matches i’ve seen Nikki participate in, and was an incredibly intense affair, which seemed to include everything except the Kitchen Sink (although there was a car door)

4. Nikki making her entrance in AIW at Girls Night Out 9 calling the crowd ‘Dobbers’ (Rather amusing Scottish Slang which you may wish to Google)

5. Travelling to the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania to see Nikki at VOW, and then ‘borrowing’ my Scottish flag on a permanent basis.

6. Various conversations with Nikki about her dreams and wishes in wrestling and where she wanted to go.

7. Requesting a digital copy of one of her matches to send to WWE scouts.

Anyway with all that said the best of luck in WWE and the sooner NXT gets to hear her running her mouth/showing off her wrestling skills, the better.

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