PPV Fusion: Backlash 2016

by Firefly on 12th September 2016

The 2016 WWE Backlash Pay-Per-View starts with a video hyping the matches to take place later on in the night, followed by SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon and SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan separately making their ways to the ring to kick things off.

After both men hype the matches to come, they reveal that the first starts right now, and after a video recaps the events involving Nikki Bella and Carmella that was part of the lead up to this match, Becky Lynch, Natalya, Naomi, Alexa Bliss, Carmella and Nikki Bella take each other in in a Six-Pack Challenge to crown the first SmackDown Women’s Champion.

The match sees Becky get the victory to be crowned SmackDown Women’s Champion, when she applies the Dis-arm-her armbar to Carmella and leaves her with no other option but to tap out. Becky thanks the fans when she is interviewed immediately afterwards and then celebrates in the ring with her new championship.

After a video hyping the next WWE Pay-Per-View, the Raw-exclusive Clash of Champions in two weeks, and an interaction backstage involving The Miz and a Nickelodeon star named Jagger Eaton who has apparently taken his dressing room, we see Bray Wyatt attacking Randy Orton backstage until he is told to leave by a referee.

After a video recapping the events involving The Usos and American Alpha that led to the upcoming match, “The Usos” Jimmy and Jey are pitted against “Hype Bros” Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder in a Second Chance Semi Final to determine who will face Heath Slater and Rhyno later on in the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tournament Final.

The match sees Jimmy Uso get the victory for his team to advance, when he applies a single leg Crab to Ryder and leaves him with no other option but to tap out.

After a rather odd interview with Heath Slater and Rhyno about their match against The Usos to come later in the night, and a video hyping Wednesday’s two hour live finale of the Cruiserweight Classic tournament on WWE Network, and a video recapping the events that led to the upcoming match, Dolph Ziggler goes against The Miz (accompanied by Maryse) in a match for the Intercontinental Championship.

The match sees The Miz get the victory and retain his title, when Maryse sprays something in the eyes of Ziggler behind the back of the referee, which allows The Miz to follow up when he hits the Skull-Crushing Finale for the 3-count.

After we check in with the Backlash Panel (comprised of Renee Young and WWE Hall of Famers, Booker T, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Lita) for their thoughts on the matches thus far and yet to come, a video recaps the match between Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin on the Kickoff (Pre-Show) which saw Corbin get the victory when he hit the End of Days on Crews for the 3-count.

After a video recapping Bray Wyatt’s attack on Randy Orton earlier in the night, Bray Wyatt makes his way to the ring, with it appearing that the match with Orton may still take place. That is until the announcer is handed a piece of paper and announces that Orton is not cleared to compete, so Wyatt has insisted upon a ten count to signify Orton’s forfeit.

The bell officially rings and Wyatt does indeed get his ten count and resulting announcement as the winner via forfeit, after which he celebrates and starts to leave until the announcer is handed another piece of paper which results in the announcement that Wyatt will be competing in a No Holds Barred match against an opponent who is soon revealed to be Kane.

The match sees Kane get the victory, when Randy Orton makes his way to the ring and hits Bray Wyatt with an RKO before leaving again, which Kane follows up with a chokeslam for the 3-count.

After backstage interaction involving AJ Styles and a video hyping the WWE Network and the content both there and yet to come, a video hyping the next SmackDown-exclusive Pay-Per-View, No Mercy in 9th October, and a video recapping The Usos’ earlier victory in the Second Chance Semi Final match, “The Usos” Jimmy and Jey take on Heath Slater and Rhyno in the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tournament Final which will also give not only crown the first SmackDown Tag Team Champions, but will also give Slater a SmackDown contract if his team wins.

The match sees Slater get the victory for his team, when Rhyno hits Jimmy Uso with a Gore behind the back of the referee and Slater rolls over to pin him for the 3-count, securing Slater a SmackDown contract and crowning Slater and Rhyno as the first SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Afterwards, Heath Slater and Rhyno celebrate in the ring and are interviewed on their victory. After a video promoting KFC (the same one shown at SummerSlam), a video hyping a match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte and Raw’s Clash of Champions Pay-Per-View in two weeks, and a video recapping the events that led to the upcoming match, AJ Styles is pitted against Dean Ambrose in a match for the WWE World Championship.

The match sees Styles get the victory, when he hits Ambrose with a low blow out of the view of the referee and follows it up with the Styles Clash for the 3-count to become the new WWE World Champion.

Styles celebrates by the entrance-way, as Backlash goes off the air.

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