PPV Fusion: Clash of Champions 2016

by Firefly on 26th September 2016

The 2016 WWE Clash of Champions Pay-Per-View starts with a video hyping the matches to take place later in the night, followed by “The New Day” Big E and Kofi Kingston (accompanied by Xavier Woods) taking on Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson in a tag team match for the Raw Tag Team Championship.

The match sees Kingston get the victory for his team and retain the titles, when Woods hits Anderson with Francesca II (the trombone) behind the referee’s back, and it is followed up with the double-team move The Midnight Hour for the 3-count.

After a video hyping WWE Network and its shows, a video recapping the Cruiserweight Classic tournament, an interview backstage with T.J. Perkins, and a video recapping the Fatal 4-Way match to choose the number one contender to the Cruiserweight Championship, Brian Kendrick is pitted against T.J. Perkins in a match for the Cruiserweight Championship.

The match sees Perkins get the victory and retain his title, when he applies a knee-bar to Kendrick and leaves him with no other option but to tap out.

Afterwards, Perkins is about to be interviewed on his victory when Kendrick approaches. Kendrick accepts the handshake and does so (unlike his refusal at the start of the match) and hugs Perkins, but follows it up with a headbutt that knows Perkins down, as Kendrick then leaves.

After a backstage interview with Sheamus on his Best of 7 Series of matches with Sheamus, and photo recaps of the Best of 7 Series matches the led to the upcoming seventh match, Sheamus goes against Cesaro in the 7th match of their Best of 7 Series.

The match sees the referee call for the bell and stop the match by declaring it a No Contest, when Cesaro hits Sheamus with a clothesline that sends them both over the barricade, and sees medical personnel checking on both men and apparently informing the referee that neither man are in the condition to be able to continue.

Afterwards Sheamus is helped to leave by the medical personnel, as is Cesaro separately, but Cesaro still appears very willing to fight and as a result stands in the ring watching as Sheamus continues being helped away (as the commentators suggest that Sheamus is being more forced backstage rather than simply helped, presumably to indicate that Sheamus wanted to continue too – even if it doesn’t seem like it at this point as he seems much less aware than Cesaro).

After a video hyping the next SmackDown-exclusive Pay-Per-View, No Mercy in two weeks, an interaction backstage involving Bayley and Charlotte, and a video recapping the events that led to the upcoming match, Sami Zayn takes on Chris Jericho in a match which sees Jericho get the victory, when he hits Zayn with a Codebreaker for the 3-count.

After an interaction backstage involving Kevin Owens, Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley, and a video recapping the events that led to the upcoming match, Bayley, Sasha Banks and Charlotte (accompanied by Dana Brooke) face each other in a Triple Threat match for the Raw Women’s Championship.

The match sees Charlotte get the victory and retain her title, when Charlotte hits Bayley with a boot to the face for the 3-count.

After checking in with the Clash of Champions Panel (comprised of Renee Young and WWE Hall of Famers Booker T, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Lita), a video recapping the Kickoff (Pre-Show) match between Alicia Fox and Nia Jax which saw the latter get the victory when she hit the former with a Samoan drop for the 3-count, and a video recapping the events that led to the upcoming match, Rusev (accompanied by Lana) is pitted against Roman Reigns in a match for the United States Championship.

The match sees Reigns get the victory, when he hits Rusev with a Spear for the 3-count to become the new United States Champion.

After a backstage interaction involving Seth Rollins, Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley, a video hyping the next Raw-exclusive Pay-Per-View, Hell in a Cell on the 30th October, and a video recapping the events that led to the upcoming match, Seth Rollins goes against Kevin Owens in a match for the WWE Universal Championship.

The match sees Owens get the victory and retain his title, when he hits Rollins with a Pop-up Powerbomb for the 3-count. Owens celebrates on the ramp with Chris Jericho, as Clash of Champions goes off the air.

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