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by Firefly on 21st August 2010

The 20th August 2010 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts after the titles roll with some photos of the events between The Undertaker and Kane at SummerSlam, followed by Rey Mysterio making his way to the ring and grabbing a microphone.

Mysterio starts off by thanking the WWE Universe for helping him get through one of the most gruelling matches of his life at SummerSlam, and although things didn’t turn out the way he expected, at least he didn’t end up in a casket.

He says Kane accused a lot of innocent people including himself for attacking The Undertaker, but in the end he thinks everyone knows that he was just looking for a way to mask his guilt, now his name has been cleared and we all know that it was Kane who attacked The Undertaker.

Before Mysterio can say any more, Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the ring with a microphone, greeting the crowd and Mysterio, then saying that whilst his own blood is from Kings, Mysterio’s is from the streets, that Mysterio is a joke of a man and like the worm in his tequila.

Mysterio says that nobody has to respect him, respect is earned around here and as far as he is concerned, Del Rio has not gained any. After being called a peasant, Mysterio challenges Del Rio to a match tonight, which Del Rio accepts, saying that he can’t wait to destroy Mysterio like the little cockroach he is. Afterwards, Mysterio slaps Del Rio, pushing him into the ropes and hitting a 619 on him before walking up the ramp.

After a video of “Dashing” Cody Rhodes’ Grooming Tips, this time focusing on skincare, Kofi Kingston takes on Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by Vickie Guerrero) for the Intercontinental Championship due to the interruption by The Nexus in their SummerSlam match (click here for our SummerSlam report).

The match ends with Kingston winning by Disqualification as Vickie Guerrero shoved him off the top rope in full view of the referee, but because of this it also means that Ziggler still retains the title. Afterwards, Ziggler attempts to attack Kingston but is rebuffed, with Kingston then trying to chase Ziggler before she keeps blocking and distracting him, allowing Ziggler to get behind him and attack him, leaving him laying at the side of the ring at the end of the attack.

After a video recapping the events in Los Angeles over the weekend, we go backstage where LayCool are talking, after Layla tells her that Teddy Long wasn’t happy about what they did to Melina at SummerSlam and is going to try to punish them, Michelle says that he should be rewarding them as she is sick of seeing Melina cry.

They both say that what he has planned is not going to be as good as what they have planned, with it being Flawless (the first part of the word shouted out, the second part whispered), with Hornswoggle then revealing himself disguised as a plant as they walk off.

We see the Straight-Edge Society backstage talking about proving that they deserve CM Punk’s admiration, when Punk interrupts and says that watching what The Nexus did on Raw (click here for our Raw report) peaked his interest, so if they don’t win their match against Kelly Kelly and The Big Show, they are out of the Straight-Edge Society.

Now, Gallows and Serena take on Kelly Kelly and The Big Show in a Mixed Tag Team match, with Serena getting the victory for her team after hitting Kelly with gut-buster. As they walk up the ramp, we see Punk standing on stage applauding their efforts.

Next, Kane is in the ring to explain why he did what he did to The Undertaker, starting out by laughing he says that when the Devil removed himself from Heaven and Earth, he left behind seven deadly sins, and of the seven his favourite is and always will be the sin of Pride.

Addressing The Undertaker, he says that it was his pride that weakened his powers over his decades of destruction, that allowed Kane to put him in a vegetative state, that was why he would come back before he was ready, and that was also why Kane was able to drop The Undertaker on his head at SummerSlam.

Kane asks he remembers when it all began, the downward spiral from immortality to the mangled wreck that he left in the ring on Sunday. He says that for years he was nothing more than some vague memory in the back of The Undertaker’s mind, but when he saw him again for the first time, his eyes told the whole story, one of an older self-serving brother who was obsessed with the pride of keeping the spotlight all to himself and keeping him in his shadow forever.

He says that everything he did in those early years, The Undertaker was able to overcome, instead of destroying his legend, he made it greater, and when The Undertaker set him on fire, he knew that it was his influence that pushed the dark side to the limit, that it took his little brother to separate him from his last vestiges of humanity, with it being his most magnificent moment.

He says that is when he knew what to do, and when his master plan was set in motion. He says that with every victory, The Undertaker’s collection of souls grew, as did his weakness, so he watched and waited and even in victory it was clear that The Undertaker was losing his grip.

Kane says the day that The Undertaker forced him to remove his mask and reveal his true face, it was him who unleashed the monster capable of finally ending his reign of darkness. He says that when they met on the grandest stage of them all, the time was not right, but the plan had evolved.

Knowing him better than everyone, he positioned himself at his right hand to gain his confidence, even then, watching and waiting, with their union being a vehicle for his vengeance, knowing that no matter how many times The Undertaker was sent crashing down, he would get back up, because his pride forced him to, though it would be his undoing.

He says that while he was allowing himself to be disgraced by those beneath him, he was biding his time, and knew that the time had finally come when he showed Shawn Michaels an instant of mercy – there were two choices, one to destroy Michaels, or the second to become one with his weakness.

He says it was this decision that sealed his fate, and that this moment was when he knew that the plan that he had hatched over a decade ago had come to fruition. He says that when he saw that shadow of The Undertaker rise out of the casket and felt his weak grip on his throat, he knew that it was over, that all the years of waiting, plotting, and watching in the shadows was finally at an end, and he had his vengeance.

Kane says that it was a vengeance that had eluded him for so long, and now the shadows in which he once laboured are now cast upon The Undertaker, and what was once The Undertaker’s holy grail, is now Kane’s World Heavyweight Championship.

He says that he and The Undertaker used to be called The Brothers of Destruction, but now The Undertaker is known as nothing more than the brother his destroyed, saying that for fifteen years he dreamed of the day when The Phenom would be no more.

He says that for fifteen years he relished the thought of being the dominant brother and knowing that this moment would come, making this a reality, that The Undertaker would be cast down with grave vengeance and furious anger, with Kane replacing him as “The Devil’s Favourite Demon.”

Kane then sets his pyro off and leaves the ring as we then see a Smack Of The Night video recapping the match between Drew McIntyre and Christian three weeks ago. After a video recapping McIntyre’s match with Matt Hardy last week, Christian now takes on Drew McIntyre, with “Dashing” Cody Rhodes joining Todd Grisham and Matt Striker at the announce table.

The match ends with Christian getting the win after getting the 3-count with a Crucifix-Pin. Afterwards, Rhodes and McIntyre attack Christian and Matt Hardy who attempts to intervene.

Going backstage, Jack Swagger is complaining about everything that has happened to him, but as it turns out that he’d been ranting to Rosa Mendes who didn’t hear a thing due to wearing ear buds, he turns around to encounter MVP.

MVP tells him that nobody is buying in to Swagger being better than them, and despite Swagger possibly being better at him at some things, he says that maybe the only thing he’s better at is whining and crying.

Swagger says that he’s better than him in every way, suggesting a Jack Swagger Sr. (in honour of his father) Invitational, with Swagger hosting MVP’s VIP Lounge if he wins. MVP accepts, but says that if he wins, then Swagger will pick up the tab for his end of the Summer block party, which he warns him tends to be expensive.

After a Raw Rebound video showing the events of Raw involving The Nexus and Team WWE, we see Teddy Long telling Kane that he has it on good authority that The Undertaker is returning next week on SmackDown!, which Kane says in that case will be hell on Earth.

Ricardo Rodriguez is introduced as Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, and we now have the match between the debuting Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio. The match ends with Del Rio picking up the victory after making Mysterio tap out to a Cross Arm-breaker. Afterwards Del Rio applies it to Mysterio again, before being announced as the winner by Rodriquez and celebrating on the stage as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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