3 RAW Superstars on Endangers Species List? Another Talent Released?

by Chris Gorst on 20th September 2008

I’m being told that Chuck Palumbo is said to be on the “endangered species list.” Vince McMahon was high on him during his return and loved the motorcycle gimmick. But McMahon reportedly lost interest in him, which is why he hasn’t been on TV since the draft. The agents aren’t high on him, and his only supporter is John Lauranitis as they have been friends since the WCW days. Lauranitis got Palumbo his job with All Japan and convinced WWE to bring him back, claiming he had “reinvented himself” there, but when he came back, he was still the same Chuck Palumbo Stay tuned.

Add Paul London to the “endangered species list” as well. People close to him in the company say that he is very likeable, talented, bi-lingual (which is seen as a good thing with WWE wanting to expand internationally) and has invested in acting classes on his own to improve his character. Others say that he has “no instincts for this,” and he also has no support on the booking team. Stay tuned.

Paul Burchell is also on the “endangered species list” as well. He did work RAW this past Monday but was jobbed out.

As reported earlier, WWE may have parted ways with a muscular Welsh developmental wrestler by the name of Rob Terry, who is a former bodybuilder. His picture was removed from the official Florida Championship Wrestling site late last month. It’s interesting to note that the MySpace page of the Team 3D Wrestling Academy (www.myspace.com/team3dacademy), has a memo on Terry, which reads: “September 2008- Team 3D welcomes “Big” Rob Terry 6′6”, 290 lbs and ripped to shreds.” Considering that Terry is training at a wrestling school run by wrestlers of the competition instead of the WWE-sanctioned one, it definitely looks like he was let go.

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