Orton & Umaga Blast Triple H, SD! **SPOILER**, Backstage News Inside

by Chris Gorst on 20th September 2008

During Randy Orton’s media blitz of the U.K. last month, Power Slam conducted an interview with him. During the interview, Orton’s asked if he was happy that Triple H got drafted to SmackDown. Suffice it to say, Orton was. Orton also noted a comment Umaga told him backstage during the night of the draft regarding moving away from Triple H when he was drafted to SmackDown (but before he found out Triple H was moving to). And then you won’t believe what Orton has to say on Triple H. Here is what Orton said in the interview. PS: Were you glad when Triple H was Drafted to SmackDown? Orton: I was at the Draft (on June 23) after I got hurt. I was in the locker room watching the backstage monitor. I was hoping to get traded (from Raw to SmackDown). Actually, it’s funny because Umaga just got traded to SmackDown. He was like, “Man, you know what? At least I haven’t got to be around Triple H no more.” So (Umaga) goes to SmackDown and I’m like, “Yeah … F–k you!” The last Draft pick’s Triple H and I’m like (punches the air), “Yes! Oh, my God!” Yes, yes, yes!” I went right up to Umaga and I was, like, “You’ve got to deal with it now!” It was my favourite Draft pick, to be honest with you. And we got Rey Mysterio, we got Kane, Batista. I’ve got history with those guys.” Note from Ryan Clark: This won’t do Umaga any favors. Mark my words. Randy Orton is Vince’s pet so he should be fine. Randy has a set of balls for sure so you’ve got to give him that much.

As we reported earlier here on the site, Gregory Helms was backstage at the Smackdown/ECW tapings this week in Nashville, TN filming promos promoting his return to Smackdown. The first promo will air on tonight’s Smackdown.

As noted earlier, one idea pitched for SmackDown Superstar Ryan Braddock before his debut was for him to be brought in as the cousin of John Bradshaw Layfield. However, Layfield saw him work a few dark matches and felt Braddock projected himself too much as a mid-carder. As a result, Layfield nixed the idea. WWE felt that Braddock had been in developmental forever and needed to justify their investment in him, hence his recent call-up to the main roster. However, he appears to be in the James Curtis position of putting over wrestlers getting pushed. The feeling is that guys will get over with wins over Braddock because he’s a big guy. Also, Braddock did a gimmick similar to JBL for years in developmental by wearing a white towel and short black jacket.

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