ECW Timeslot, Next 3 Hour RAW, Kennedy, Kelly and more

by Chris Gorst on 26th September 2008

I can now confirm that the 11/3 edition of RAW will be three hours long. I wanted to get that confirmed before putting it up on the site and I have since been able to do so.

When MVP was asked by USA Today what WWE superstar from the past or present that he’d like to wrestle, he said The Rock. He also said that while in prison several years ago, he learned to “believe in yourself because, prison is full of despair and hopelessness and its easy to give up on life.

Ken Kennedy and Kelly Kelly have taped appearances on “The Tony Rock Show” which airs on MyNetworkTV this fall.

Starting with the 9/30 edition of ECW On Sci-Fi (next week), the show will move one hour earlier, to 9PM ET. The move is permanent.

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