Shane Sewell, TNA Drug Policy, Champions contract expiring soon?

by Chris Gorst on 26th September 2008

Booker T’s latest accent he is using is one identical to Forrest Whitaker’s portrayal of Ido Amin in the 206 movie “Last King of Scotland” .

It looks like TNA is finally getting serious about drug testing. is reporting that at last week’s television tapings, the wrestlers were handed a packet detailing the latest drug policy details, which TNA is apparently enacting. Regarding the situation, one wrestler said, “There will be a lot of shrinking bodies around here if this test is legit.”

As noted before here on the website, the plan for TNA referee Shane Sewell is for him to become a wrestler at some point. TNA had actually hired him to do this angle a year ago, but he left for a while to return to Puerto Rico and the angle was delayed. He has been added to the TNA roster page.

Robert Roode’s contract expires in the spring. He is one of about ten TNA wrestlers who will be in that situation.

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