Cody Speaks, Vince’s new catchphrase, Lita and more

by Chris Gorst on 26th September 2008

In the new issue of WWE Magazine that will hit newsstands in a few weeks, Cody Rhodes commented on the WWE Tag Team scene. “Most people would agree that the tag division sucked for a while. It sucked! When you look at some of the former champions, you have to think, ‘How’d that happen?’ Night of Champions was a big step in the right direction and I think the World Tag Team championship is a larger, more prestigious title than people realize. Hopefully, people are going to see that Ted DiBiase and I are setting the bar way high.” Rhodes noted his “Prince of Professional Wrestling” moniker was something Roddy Piper suggested.
Ed’s Note: Sorry Cody, but didn’t the Tag Team champions lose a handicap match, cleanly? Doesn’t sound like they’ll be taken seriously any time soon

Some of you have probably noticed the use of the line “each and everyone of you” being used in WWE lately, when referring to the WWE fans. Chris Jericho and Kane have both used the line in the past few months and it’s been used in notable promos over the years. This line is a direct quote from Vince McMahon that he likes the Superstars to use in their promos.

Former WWE Diva Amy “Lita” Dumas and her band The Luchagors are still in the middle of their current European tour.

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