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by Firefly on 24th August 2010

The 23rd August 2010 episode of Monday Night Raw starts out before the titles roll with a video recapping the events last week involving Team WWE and The Nexus (click here for last week’s Raw report).

After the titles roll, Sheamus makes his way to the ring and grabs a microphone, with a video recapping the events between himself and Randy Orton last week playing as he enters the ring. He says that one thing he has noticed about Americans, is that their children are spoiled brats that are annoying, selfish, and will cry until they get what they want, then going around the ring pointing to a few kids as examples, and telling them that they don’t deserve to watch him in the WWE.

Sheamus says that there’s a bigger spoiled child in the WWE called Randy Orton, he complains about him attacking him after the match and the next night on Raw, as well as the crowd chanting RKO, he says that despite what Orton did, he is not the WWE Champion – Sheamus is.

Sheamus urges the General Manager to not reward Orton for this, saying that he should never get another shot at his title, to which the GM responds to via Michael Cole saying that they agree with him and he should be rewarded.

Getting a throne brought out onto the stage, we are told that the GM is not going to decide Sheamus’ challenger for Night Of Champions, Sheamus is, and after Sheamus thanks the GM and says he will enjoy this, we are told that the first of the matches for him to view to pick from is right now.

After a trailer for “Legendary” starring John Cena and a video hyping that next week’s episode of Raw is the 900th episode celebration, Edge takes on R-Truth. Edge gets the victory after evading a Scissors-kick from Truth and hitting him with a Spear for the 3-count. Afterwards Edge tells Sheamus that he can brag about all the people he’s beat, but until he’s beaten Edge, he’s not beaten anybody.

After a video promoting “Dashing” Cody Rhodes’ appearance on an episode of Warehouse 13 and another with photos promoting WWE’s appearance in China, The Great Khali is pitted against Chris Jericho. Jericho gets the victory after making Khali submit to the Walls of Jericho. Afterwards, Jericho makes his case to Sheamus to be the one picked, before being hit and knocked off the turnbuckle to the outside by Khali.

Next, after a video recapping the events between The Miz and Daniel Bryan last week, Josh Mathews interviews John Cena, asking him for his comments on The Miz’s actions. Cena says that it is petty and classless, and he doesn’t regret choosing Bryan over The Miz at SummerSlam, and that he showed his true colours with the attack, he says The Miz has an attitude problem, so tonight he will shut it with an Attitude Adjustment.

Now, Jillian goes against Melina for the Divas Championship, with Melina retaining the title after hitting the Last Call Sunset-Bomb. Afterwards, LayCool show up on the Titantron, they tell her that next week is the 900th episode of Raw and not only will they be there, but they will have a “Flawless” offer that she won’t be able to refuse.

Going backstage, Mathews asks The Miz to respond to Cena’s comments, to which he says that he nailed Daniel Bryan in the back of the head, but Cena put Team WWE at risk by choosing Bryan over him.

He says after the WWE title match at SummerSlam, Sheamus was beaten down and had to be carried out, but he didn’t cash in his Money In The Bank title opportunity, and the least that Cena could have done was talk to him backstage about his decision, rather than try to embarrass him in front of everyone, so he’s going to beat Cena and show him that for his actions there will be consequences.

He says that he doesn’t expect that Sheamus will pick him as his opponent at Night Of Champions, but that it doesn’t matter as he can pick Sheamus at any time he wants – teasing that he might do so tonight.

Going back to the arena, The Nexus make their way out onto the stage as Sheamus sits on his throne, with us being informed via Cole that the General Manager asked them to come out to let them know that the GM was impressed with their performance last week, and the ban on The Nexus being able to compete for a title has been lifted. Afterwards, Barrett tells Sheamus to consider their truce to be over.

Next up, John Cena takes on The Miz, with The Miz getting the win by Disqualification when he is attacked from behind by Daniel Bryan. Afterwards, he is thrown back into the ring, gets and Attitude Adjustment from Cena, and then has the “LeBell Lock” applied to him by Bryan after Cena leaves.

Now, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov go against Jimmy and Jey Uso (accompanied by Tamina) in a Tag Team match. Kozlov gets the win for his team after hitting a Chokeslam, and afterwards it appears that one of the Usos may be getting ready to attack Santino before Tamina pushes them away from doing so, sending back an air kiss to Santino via a blowdart/peashooter motion that apparently hits it’s target.

After a This Week In WWE History video recapping the events of The Big Event in 1986, we have a Triple Threat match between Ted DiBiase (accompanied by Maryse), John Morrison, and Randy Orton. The match ends with Orton getting the victory after countering Morrison’s dive from the turnbuckle into an RKO and pinning him.

Going backstage, Sheamus tells Mathews that he has made his decision, and in a few minutes he’s announcing it to everyone in the ring. In the ring, he says that despite last week he is still a warrior – The Celtic Warrior, and he has a huge announcement.

He says that he is not going to wait until Night Of Champions to defend his title, but is going to do so right now, and asking a referee to enter the ring, he says he is going to go left field and give an opportunity to someone who hasn’t had a shot of the title before – Zack Ryder.

Coming out, Ryder tells him that he appreciates the offer, but that he made the biggest mistake of his life as he is looking at the next WWE Champion. The match ends a few seconds after it’s started with Sheamus getting the victory after a Brogue Kick.

Afterwards, Sheamus says that he doesn’t have to defend his title now for another thirty days, and as such he’s going to take the night off at Night Of Champions, and that he might even take the whole month off and visit his family in Ireland.

He is interrupted from saying more when Wade Barrett makes his way to the ring and informs him that as the winner of NXT Season 1, he has a title opportunity against the person of his choice, and at the event of his choice, and that he has chosen Night Of Champions against Sheamus.

We are then informed by Cole that the GM is upholding Barrett’s request, at Night Of Champions Sheamus will be defending his title in a Six-Pack Challenge, so not only against Barrett, but also against Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Edge, and John Cena.

As Sheamus appears to be surrounded, he quickly moves and pushes Barrett into the middle and they all give him a beat-down, before throwing him out of the ring. Jericho then hits Sheamus with a Codebreaker, then getting Speared himself by Edge, who gets and Attitude Adjustment from Cena, who in turn gets an RKO from Orton, with Orton celebrating as the one left standing as Raw goes off the air.

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