Ric Flair’s Overseas Cost, NWA Hall of Fame, Can He Join TNA?

by Chris Gorst on 26th September 2008

For those that have been asking, Ric Flair is not able to work for TNA due to a one-year “no compete” clause he signed when leaving the WWE that was specific to TNA. Apparently, TNA had sent feelers to Flair through Hermie Sadler, but he’s not able to work for them anytime soon.

Flair is charging $30,000 for overseas bookings, plus two first-class plane tickets (one for him and one for his agent). The interesting thing to note is that he’s asking for all of the money up front, which is uncommon. It’s typical for major stars to ask for half of the money up front, but rare to ask for all of it.

Flair is scheduled to be inducted into the NWA Hall of Fame on October 10th of this year at their show in Robstown, Texas. If you recall, he was supposed to be inducted earlier this year in June, but WWE wouldn’t let him attend the event.

(Source: WrestlingObserver.com)

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