Champion finished with ROH? New WWE Legal Battle Begins

by Chris Gorst on 26th September 2008 is reporting that current NWA Champion Adam Pearce is officially finished with Ring of Honor. His last appearance for the company was at last Saturday’s Glory By Honor PPV where he defeated then NWA Champion Brent Albright to regain the title. Pearce’s departure was announced by manager Larry Sweeney on his voicemail hotline (215-781-2250) with Sweeney announcing he was “flexing his muscle” by pulling Pearce out of the company. Pearce was aware he was finishing up over the weekend and said his goodbyes to the crew. The release appears to be a cost-cutting measure as ROH has been bringing in a lot of various talent lately. It’s being said that a return to the company for Pearce may be possible down the line and both sides parted on good terms.

Following a hearing yesterday in Minnesota, Judge Ann D. Montgomery decreed she would be taking WWE’s motion for a Summary Judgment against Dale Gagner’s AWA Superstars under consideration and would be announcing a decision at a later date. WWE is asking for the lawsuit to be ruled in their favor due to a number of incidents where Gagner hasn’t followed protocol or instructions.

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