NXT Fusion: Triple Trivia

by Firefly on 25th August 2010

The 24th August 2010 episode of NXT starts out before the titles roll with a video recapping the events of last week’s double elimination and aftermath, followed by Jamie Keyes introducing the Pros and Rookies after the titles roll.

Matt Striker asks the remaining Rookies how it feels to be in the final three, to which Michael McGillicutty credits Kofi Kingston and being able to perform in the same ring that his father did, which makes it all worthwhile.

Alex Riley says that he expected to be there, saying that he is the total package, despite what others may think, and that if Sheamus is watching – which he says he knows he is – he better hope that Riley doesn’t get there before The Miz does, because if he does, he’s “Dismissed”.

Kaval thanks the WWE Universe for the support throughout the Season, saying he was ready to celebrate last week until it was ruined by a Pro upset about their Rookie being eliminated from the competition, that Pro being “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.

Kaval says that Rhodes got in because of his father, but he himself did it with hard work, then challenging him to go down and say it face-to-face. Rhodes refuses the challenge, calling Kaval the gum that he scrapes off his boots, so MVP ends up challenging Rhodes instead, which this time he accepts.

Next, the Rookies compete in a WWE Trivia Challenge, with the questions in the first round being worth 100 points each, and 200 points in the second round. Kaval wins with a total of 700 points, McGillicutty is second with 500 points, and Riley is last with only 200 points. Striker says that Kaval’s prize for winning is a huge feature on WWE.com.

Now, after a Raw Rebound video recapping the events of Raw between Sheamus and his potential opponents at Night Of Champions (click here for our Raw Report), photos are shown of the WWE’s visit to China, with us being told that more details will be given about it next week.

Next up, Rhodes takes on MVP in a match that Rhodes eventually wins after hitting a vicious-looking Cross-Rhodes and pinning him, and Rhodes celebrates in the ring as we are told by Michael Cole that voting to decide the winner of NXT opens tomorrow (25th) at Noon Eastern on WWE.com, as NXT then goes off the air.

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