ECW’s Evan Bourne on WWE Agents

by Al M. on 28th September 2008

ECW’s Evan Bourne on WWE Agents
Credit: Bill Behrens

I had a chance to talk with WWE Superstar, ECW’s Evan Bourne (Matt Sydal, about his matches and being in WWE in general.

Suffice it to say he is having a great time and working alongside guys like Rey Mysterio and Tommy Dreamer has made him a happy guy. He wishes he had been on the Europe tour (BTW, give him time and a few tours and he may not mind missing one).

The one thing Matt (Evan) brought up that he says is great about WWE are the agents. Matt takes advantage of the opportunity to learn from these guys. He works out in the ring with Jamie Noble. He goes to Ricky Steamboat for advice on “selling”. He goes to Arn Anderson for advice on his “comeback”, etc. He takes advantage of the experience of the WWE agents and their willingness to help.

As John Laurinaitis told me recently that is what the WWE agents are there to do, not just agent matches, but to teach, and his only regret is that not all the talent take advantage of the opportunity. Those that do are the ones who usually do best……like Evan Bourne.

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