SD Fusion: Demon vs. Deadman

by Firefly on 28th August 2010

The 27th August 2010 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts after the titles roll with Rey Mysterio taking on Kane in a No Disqualification rematch from SummerSlam, with Kane getting the victory after hitting a Chokeslam.

Afterwards, Kane sets his pyro off and leaves, before Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the ring asking if Rey is okay, then commenting that he looks like a dying dog, and that someone needs to put him down, then attacking him.

Next, CM Punk (accompanied by the Straight-Edge Society) goes against JTG, with Punk winning by making JTG tap out to the Anaconda Vice. Afterwards, Punk tells the SES that what he did is how you operate when you are a member of the SES, and reaffirms his message that if they need to be better, or they will be gone.

Going backstage, Hornswoggle sneaks up on Teddy Long and scares him, with him getting the message across that he has been spying on LayCool, though Teddy isn’t able to translate what he’s trying to tell him they said, but Teddy says he’s got an idea and that there might be a way they can both work together.

After a video recapping the events of Raw (click here for our Raw report), we have another “Dashing” Cody Rhodes’ Grooming Tips video, this time on shaving – not just the face, but the whole body, especially the legs.

Now, Kofi Kingston is pitted against Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by Vickie Guerrero) for the Intercontinental Championship, with the stipulation that if Ziggler gets disqualified, then the title still changes hands. The match ends with Kingston getting the victory but Ziggler retaining the title, when Vickie stops Ziggler from entering the ring to beat the count-out, with Ziggler getting chased through the crowd by Kingston afterwards.

Next up, Jack Swagger takes on MVP in the Jack Swagger Sr. Invitational, with Swagger getting the victory when MVP is disqualified for using a fist. Afterwards, Swagger attacks MVP from behind and applies the ankle-lock to him. Going backstage, we have some banter between LayCool and Kaval, before they get Kaval and the others to leave, with Michelle then whispering something into Layla’s ear.

Next, Alberto Del Rio goes against Carlos Sanchez, with a video recapping the earlier events between Del Rio and Mysterio as he makes his way to the ring, with Del Rio winning by making Sanchez tap out to the Cross-Armbreaker.

Now, The Big Show (accompanied by Kelly Kelly) is pitted against Luke Gallows (accompanied by the other members of the SES), with Show getting the victory after a punch.

Next up, The Undertaker makes his way to the ring and grabs a microphone, telling us that though he looks dead, he’s not dead yet, but he is the Deadman, and the ring is still his yard, making it clear that he will not pardon the guilty.

Things brings him to Kane, he says he is guilty of a treacherous betrayal that he will pay dearly for, saying that he has a diseased soul that festered and turned into a web of lies, making him think that he can fill The Undertaker’s boots, and hold his Holy Grail, the World Heavyweight Championship.

Kane decides to interrupt, he says that the only one spinning a web of lies is The Undertaker, that he can see the weakness in his eyes and hear it in his voice, that he’s no longer The Phenom, or a shadow of what he once was.

He says because of this, he will have no problem crushing him under his boot and dropping him on his head, like he did at SummerSlam. Kane says that he is bigger, stronger, and the dominant brother, and he has nothing left to prove.

The Undertaker says that there’s a reason why Kane always walked in his shadow, though he was calling himself the “Devil’s Favourite Demon”, the house that the Devil lives in was built by The Undertaker, brick by fiery brick, and that when he comes calling, the Devil still answers to him with “Sir”.

He says that Kane is not worthy to carry the title and never was, nor is he worthy of the fear that he inspires, or of being his brother. He says that he taught him everything he knows about evil, but he didn’t tell him everything he himself knows, so when the mood strikes Kane, he’ll be waiting, but when the fight starts, it’s always going to end the same way.

Kane interrupts saying that it won’t this time, as they both know that it will end the same way as it did at SummerSlam; with The Undertaker sprawled helpless at his feet, vowing on the grave of their mother that he will never Rest In Peace.

Kane’s music then plays with both staring at each other from their respective positions as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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