Al’s Vault: Passion for Wrestling

by Al M. on 19th October 2008

Al’s Vault: Passion for Wrestling
Cheers and Tears Edition #005
Al M –

OH MAN! I got to tell you the truth I have been going back and forth for weeks trying to think of what to write about. So many different topics have gone through my head from TNA, Raw, The State of Wrestling, Scott Hall, Jake the Snake and yes even the one and only Monty Brown. And can you believe with so many possibly topics I am still hitting a brick wall. Now I don’t know if I have lost my passion of wrestling or maybe it is the constant internet analysis from all of us; yea that’s right I put myself in that group. So in order to keep on going, I need to write this column and answer to myself this question: Is my passion for wrestling gone?

Maybe it’s unfair for me to be giving my opinion about pro-wrestling to the world. I am a part of that fan base that in a sense were spoiled. The 90’s was amazing, the pinnacle that wrestling reached was incredible. It was actually pop-culture and if you did not know what was going on in wrestling in the 90’s, it was like saying today that you don’t know we are having a Presidential Election next month. Readers before you say it I will say it for you: “Stop living in the pass, @$$hole!” My response to that is quite simple: ITS F*KING HARD! I mean sh*t wrestling back in the day was exciting, when Nitro was on for two hours I wanted it to go to three hours when it went to three hours I wanted it to go to four. When Nitro went live I couldn’t wait for Raw to start at 9:00. It was like a roller-coaster ride that lasted for years then out of now where crashed.

Now if you were a fan of the 90’s (the few of us that are left) you can relate to me questioning my passion for wrestling. You put on the USA Network today and we have the same robotic wrestling we had 5 years ago just with different names (in many cases the names haven’t really changed). The one man that stands out above the rest is John Cena. I am not saying I like the guy, but whether you want to accept it or not he is the Hulk Hogan of this generation. You can argue well what about HHH, HBK, and Jericho; Well 10+ years of watching them perform can get old. Thank god Jericho re-invented himself. So that’s four guys three of which have been out there for a decade, when back in the day we had 20 guys with that same charisma or even more (Hall, Nash, Hogan, Macho, Austin, Rock, DX, DDP….).

Today we have more wrestling than ever. The WWE produces about 13 televised shows a month including the PPV’s. TNA does about 5 shows a month and ROH pops up every once in a while so with all the wrestling, I still have the audacity to ask myself if I have lost my passion for wrestling. Maybe that is the main reason why my passion has depleted so much. There is TOO MUCH WRESTLING! We can’t enjoy it anymore, so many gimmick matches, we have seen it all. Tables, Champers, Asylums, Evening Gowns the list goes on. Maybe pushing the envelope is why wrestling is in a slump. Something is got to give. Less gimmick matches, so when they do happen. We can actually get excited to watch them.

So is it gone, can it be my passion of wrestling is gone. Something that has entertained me for so many years. It’s pretty damn close! The only enjoyment I get of watching wrestling is the comedy of Santino Marella. In the words of Farooq (or for all you new-bees Ron Simmons) DAMN!

I hope you enjoyed Al’s Vault this week; I just had to get that off my chest. Post your comments or email me at Remember everyone to vote for your Cyber Sunday Predictions! If you’re not a part of the WZR Family yet please sign up it is easy and you can have chances to win prizes in the near feature.

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