"YouShoot" Week! Big sale!

by Woody on 21st October 2008

Celebrate “YouShoot” Week. $15.00 for Each “YouShoot” Title; The Great Debate ’08; “Ring Roasts” Headed to DVD
Celebrate the ‘YouShoot’ Revolution
Unpredictable. Outrageous. Controversial. Revolutionary. All these words have been used to describe our DVD series “YouShoot”, where the entire interview is conducted by the fans, via webcam and email. When you match the right personality with the openness of the general public…kablam. You have an explosive concoction.

And now, for the next week, we will celebrate the “YouShoot” revolution. We have compiled the “YouShoot Story” and also made every title in the series available for only $15.00. That’s 25% off normal prices, so this is the perfect time to fill that collection with any episode you may have missed. “YouShoot” week runs from October 20-24th. Fill your collection HERE.


Elect Your Greatest Champion
Harley Race and Bruno Sammartino represent the NWA and WWWF in this unprecedented event …”The Great Debate ’08”. On Election Day, November 4th, we will proudly make history as well, by releasing this legendary debate between the two Heavyweight Champions of the two biggest rival federations ever.

Race and Sammartino star in this exchange of ideas covering such topics as qualities of a great wrestler; qualities of a great champion; amateur experience vs school of hard knocks; working heel/face; best territory for the sport; Muchnick vs McMahon; ribs and so much more.

You’ll also be given the opportunity to vote for the legendary champion that you feel has best presented themselves. Be a part of this first of its kind event on November 4th!

Pre Order ‘Ring Roasts: A Comedic Tribute to The Iron Sheik’
You’re probably all reading about the wild night. Well, pretty soon you’ll be able to experince it in its entirety. “Ring Roasts I” is coming to DVD on December 4th, but you can get in on the action now by pre-ordering this release and ensuring speedy delivery.

We expect a mad rush to purchase this title once it’s released, but yours will be the first to ship if you pre-order. It’s a great, 2-disc set featuring a ton of special features. Included on the Special Features disc will be the Scott Hall incident from not only the stage but also from a behind the scenes perspective. See the whole incident.

Also on the Special Features disc will be the aftermath of the Brian Blair/Iron Sheik incident. And we’re not done there. Get a backstage look at the entire night, before, during, and after the event. This will be the hottest wrestling DVD this holiday season!

Pre-order now!


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