Brock Lesnar requests Steve Mazzagatti not ref UFC 91 fight.

by Woody on 25th October 2008

According to an article on, Brock Lesnars lawyers had made a request to the NSAC to have referee Steve Mazzagatti removed from the list of potential referees that would oversee Lesnar’s UFC 91 title fight against Randy Couture.

Citing Mazzagatti’s officiating in Lesnar’s UFC debut against Frank Mir in February, attorneys David Olsen and Brian Stegeman made their aversion to the referee’s presence known at a regularly scheduled NSAC meeting. The attorneys claimed Mazzagatti was “involved in what we believe was a controversial ruling in connection with the Mir-Lesnar fight.” They asked that Mazzagatti be removed from consideration for the UFC 91 main event to avoid “distraction” and “any further controversy.”

Understandable if they feel that way but Lesnar is not bigger than the NSAC. For those wondering Mario Yamasaki will be the ref in the match up

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