NXT Fusion: Warrior Gets His Way

by Firefly on 1st September 2010

The 31st August 2010 episode of NXT starts before the titles roll with a video recapping the events of NXT Season 2 up until now, and after the titles roll, Ashley Valence introduces the WWE Pros before the remaining Rookies are introduced by their Pros.

After introducing the eliminated Rookies in the front row at ringside, Matt Striker tells us that the remaining Rookies will face each other in a Triple Threat match, with The Miz and Alex Riley getting thrown out of the ring by Kofi Kingston and Michael McGillicutty after The Miz is pushed by Kaval.

We now find out that NXT Season 3 (which starts next week) will have Rookie Divas, the first of which is Naomi and her WWE Pro is Kelly Kelly.

In-ring, the Triple Threat match gets under way, with Riley stealing the win after pushing Kaval off the turnbuckle to the floor outside then pinning McGillicutty who had already been knocked out in the ring.

We find out that the next WWE Pro is Alicia Fox, and her Rookie is Maxine. Another WWE Pro is Goldust and his Rookie is Aksana from Lithuania. Back to ringside and Striker tells us that it’s time to find out who is next to be eliminated, but first we find out who the already eliminated Rookies think should win.

Titus O Neil chooses Riley, as does Eli Cottonwood, Lucky Cannon says that the show was flushed down the toilet when he was eliminated, “Showtime” Percy Watson and Husky Harris both choose Michael McGillicutty.

Striker reveals that the person to be eliminated is Alex Riley. Afterwards, Riley says that though he didn’t win, everybody believes he is the most talented person in the contest, and he would still bet the future of the WWE on Alex Riley.

We have a double dose of WWE Pros as the next ones are revealed to be The Bella Twins, with their Rookie being former NXT Ring Announcer Jamie Keyes. After a video recapping the WWE’s visit to China, we find out another Pro is Primo, and that his Rookie is A.J.

Going back to the ring, it’s time to find out from McGillicutty and Kaval why they think they should win and the other should lose. First is McGillicutty who asks LayCool if they really submitted their adopted ninja baby into NXT, as he doesn’t know whether to spank Kaval or breastfeed him.

Telling him that despite wearing a wetsuit to the ring, it’s not a swimming pool, and then insulting his name, he tells him that he can represent the company a whole lot better than Kaval can.

Kaval’s turn to speak, and he says that McGillicutty was set up perfectly to be a star, but he himself came from a middle-class family, he has a high school diploma and a deep voice, but he has worked to earn his respect at every stage around the world, and he will be the next breakout star.

After we find out the next WWE Pro is Vickie Guerrero and that her Rookie is the 6’9” Aloisia, it’s time to find out who the winner of NXT is… and the winner is Kaval. Asked by Striker what is going through his mind after finding out that he’s not won NXT, McGillicutty expresses disbelief at Kaval being crowned the winner, saying that he is nowhere near the level of himself, a future World Heavyweight Champion, and that starting from now will be the Genesis of the McGillicutty.

It is Kaval’s turn again to express his thoughts on winning NXT, but before he can say anything other than “Thank You”, the eliminated Rookies rush the ring and attack him, and though referees, MVP, John Morrison, and Kofi Kingston try to do something about it, it ends up being to no avail, with the eliminated Rookies including Riley standing tall over a prone Kaval.

We end the show with a video showing the highlights of Season 2 including the tonight, ending with the part showing Kaval’s celebration at winning as NXT goes off the air.

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