UFC suspend Leben for nine months after failing drug test

by Woody on 3rd November 2008

Chris Leben has been suspended for nine months by the UFC after failing a drug test, according to reports.

Leben reportedly tested positive for Stanazolol in a test administered by the UFC prior to his fight with Michael Bisping in Birmingham, England on October 18.

The Wrestling Observer reports that Leben admitted to using the drug after being informed of the results, but claimed that he had used the substance several months prior and that he thought it would have cleared out of his system.

The tests were conducted by Marc Ratner, the UFC’s VP of Regulatory Affairs. Ratner conducted the tests as British shows are not governed by any athletic commission.

Leben, who lost to Bisping by unanimous decision, has also been fined a third of his undisclosed purse.

Leben is the second fighter to fail a UFC administered drug test as opposed to an athletic commission test.

Phil Lowe

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