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by Firefly on 7th September 2010

The 6th September 2010 episode of Monday Night Raw starts without any titles rolling and with The Nexus standing in the ring; Barrett has a microphone and says that it is fitting that they are in the nation’s capital, the site of so many historical rallies and speeches.

He says that last week he said that The Nexus were going to do something that would be talked about forever, which is what happened when they single-handedly and systematically destroyed a WWE institution, that institution being The Undertaker, then showing the footage from last week of the attack.

Otunga has the microphone now and he says that video should put to rest any doubts about their weakness, and that they are the new Phenom’s of the WWE, and despite trimming the fat with Darren Young and losing Skip Sheffield to injury, they still managed to have the greatest night of their lives.

Tarver’s turn to speak and he says that if anyone had or could have done something as unprecedented as they did to The Undertaker, they would probably save the moment for the rest of their lives, but The Nexus weren’t finished and later that night took out five of Raw’s Superstars, with Edge and Jericho being so scared of them they took themselves out of the match.

Passing the microphone on to Slater, he says that what happened next is that he pinned the WWE Champion Sheamus, emphasising it a number of times before handing the microphone to Gabriel who asks who can say they hit their finisher on both The Undertaker and John Cena in the same night, commenting that he can as a video then shows him hitting the 450-Splash and beating Cena last week.

He isn’t sure how many times he’s hit Cena with the move, but he says that it gets more satisfying each time, and that Cena can see him, he can see him crashing down on his body over and over again, then passing the microphone back to Barrett.

Barrett says that he then devenomized “The Viper” Randy Orton, with that being a taster of what is to come as in the Six-Pack Challenge at Night Of Champions, where he will bring the WWE Championship back home to The Nexus (seemingly ignoring the fact that The Nexus has never had it before so it can’t be “back”).

Randy Orton’s music hits and he comes out onto the stage with a microphone, he says that what he took away from last week was the fact that he took out two members of The Nexus in less than thirty seconds, but they’re not going to roll footage on that – but not to worry as he’ll just do it again.

He says that he doesn’t care who he has to pin at Night Of Champions to win the title, but to rest assured that he’s going to make it his business to hit Barrett with an RKO. Barrett says that’s tough talk and challenges Orton to enter the ring to give him an RKO, before Cole receives an email from the General Manager.

Cole says that last week was a historic night for The Nexus as a unit, but tonight we will find out how they are individually with Gabriel facing John Cena, and Orton facing Barrett, and to ensure that both matches are fair, The Nexus will be banned from ringside.

After a WWE Rewind video recapping Edge’s intentional disqualification last week, Chris Jericho starts to make his way to the ring, though as he ascends the stairs, Cole receives another email which states that due to Edge’s and Jericho’s actions last week being a slap in the face to both the WWE Universe and the General Manager, if Jericho and Edge do not win their respective matches tonight, they will be taken out of the Six-Pack match at Night Of Champions.

We find out that John Morrison is to be his opponent as he makes his way to the ring, with the match ending with Morrison getting the 3-count after hitting Starship Pain, taking Jericho out of the Night Of Champions match. Afterwards, Jericho leaves the ring, appearing to wonder where he went wrong.

Now, Melina takes on Alicia Fox for the Divas title, with Fox commenting during her entrance that Melina will not be competing at Night Of Champions, because if anybody is to become the “Undefined” champion of Divas, it will be her. Melina successfully retains the title after hitting the Sunset-Split for the 3-count.

Going backstage, The Miz comments to Josh Mathews that what he has covered up is perfect and that tonight is all about The Miz, and that the entire world is going to know about the journey of the “Road to Awesome”, slapping Mathews’ hand away from uncovering it.

We then see Edge talking to Zack Ryder, saying that he shouldn’t have to put his spot in the Six-Pack Challenge on the line, saying that he shoved the referee last week because he was saying derogatory things about his mother, and nobody says bad things about his mother as he loves her – with Ryder agreeing before waving off Edge’s confusion.

Ryder says he wants to be Edge’s opponent, with Edge saying that he used to think Ryder was a tool, but that’s a great idea as he would be an easy win because he sucks, ignoring Ryder’s protests that he’s standing right there.

Edge looks around, suggesting that the General Manager might be hiding in a bag, but says that he knows the GM is listening and says that he accepts Ryder’s challenge so he should make it happen – Ryder agreeing with a “Woo woo woo, you know it!” – and that if he doesn’t hear Ryder’s music for his opponent tonight, he will smash the PC at ringside – it is at this point that Ryder asks Edge if he just called him a tool, with Edge saying yes and then leaving when Ryder says that it hurt his feelings.

Ted DiBiase is on the phone when Maryse interrupts wanting to know who he’s talking to, to which he hangs up and says that it was his mother. Maryse hands him a note and says she “does too”, with him having no idea what she’s talking about, then expressing further confusion when he reads it as saying “I want you so bad.”

He says that if he didn’t write it, and if wanted to say that, he would just say it to her face, and that why did she think it was a note for her as it could have been for him, a millionaire in his twenties, causing her to descend into French which he comments on them having talked about as he doesn’t understand, with him then walking away.

Next, Justin Gabriel takes on John Cena, as a video recapping him beating Cena last week plays before Cena makes his way to the ring. Cena gets the victory after hitting an Attitude Adjustment (which Cole keeps referring to as the “AA”) from the second rope.

After a video promoting Legendary starring “John Cena” with comments from the cast, The Miz makes his way to the ring with a covered canvas already in the ring. The Miz comments on how he got to where he is today (with some photos thrown in), from all the negative comments he got from both the fans and other Superstars.

He unveils what’s underneath the cover to be an image of him on the cover of the WWE Magazine, which is a big deal as he bought every issue as a child, and would dream of being on the cover, so he now wants to hear from everyone that they’re wrong, because he’s The Miz, and he’s proved that he’s got the right to say he’s Awesome.

Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring with a microphone, saying that he came out to congratulate The Miz, as they have a lot more in common than they think, as nobody thought he would make it either – which The Miz rebuffs by saying that he hasn’t made it.

Bryan acknowledges that he hasn’t accomplished as much as Miz, proven by him entering to generic rock music that he can’t identify, he has a hair-cut he only paid ten dollars for, and he has to wear his wrestling gear in the back so he doesn’t get thrown out by security, and even then he has to show his ID three times, but says that he also knows that if he faced The Miz for the United States title, he would beat him.

The Miz agrees that Bryan paid ten dollars for his hair cut, but asks what makes him think he’s worthy of facing him for the title. Bryan says that if that did happen, there would probably be a different cover on next month’s magazine, then showing a mock-up with the LeBell lock applied.

After some more back-and-forth banter, Bryan asks The Miz whether he agrees to a match or not, with The Miz saying that he does, before trying to get a cheap shot which Bryan ducks and applies the LeBell Lock to him before being interrupted by The Miz’s former Rookie Alex Riley.

As The Miz bails out of the ring, Riley has his attack turned against him and has the LeBell lock applied to him instead, with The Miz looking on from ringside. After a Slam Of The Week video recapping Edge’s disqualification in the match last week again, Edge takes on (to his chagrin) The Great Khali, looking during Khali’s entrance that he might make good on his promise of destroying the computer but not doing so.

The match ends with Edge getting the victory via Count-Out, but the GM via Cole restarts the match, this time as an No-Disqualification Over-the-top-rope match, which Edge wins (thus keeping his spot) – though as Cole points out, it should have ended earlier when Khali exited over the top rope the first time to fetch Edge from outside the ring (who had exited under the ropes).

After a segment backstage between Morrison (who uses his own phrase against him) and a sulky-looking Jericho, Barrett goes against Orton, with Cena, Edge, and Sheamus joining in on Commentary.

Orton wins with an RKO thanks to Barrett being distracted by Darren Young, then coaxing Young into the ring and hitting him with an RKO too. This is the catalyst for Edge to enter the ring and miss a Spear but receive an RKO, and then Orton avoids Brogue Kick from Sheamus and hits him with an RKO too.

After a video recapping the match and the RKOs afterwards, Orton and Cena stand in the ring and stare at each other as Raw goes off the air.

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