"Ring Roasts" On Sale Now

by Woody on 2nd December 2008

“Ring Roasts” is Here!

Comedy, Confrontation, Controversy
Well, the long anticipated date is here. You’ve read all the accounts on the Internet, the newsletters, and you’ve heard the chatter about it on Howard Stern, Scott Ferrall, and countless wrestling shows. Now you can live it.

“Ring Roasts I” can now be yours. This is your chance to live what you’ve been hearing about for the past two months. From the outrageous roast of Sheiky-baby by wrestlers and comics alike, to Scott Hall’s violent appearance, to Brian Blair getting his block knocked off — this special 2-disc set takes you right there.

Disc One is the roast itself. Disc Two is all the extras. The extras include the footage of Scott Hall’s antics, a recap and analysis of the incident, including an interview with Hall the following day. Also on the extras disc you’ll find the Brian Blair confrontation, the hit as well as the aftermath. Plus you’ll be taken backstage for exclusive footage of the night before showtime.

“Ring Roasts I” is the start of what will undoubtedly become THE wrestling entertainment show of the year…every year! Be part of it. Get your copy now!

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