ATT Irish MMA Fighters!

by Woody on 22nd December 2008

PRO TEAM MMA Fight Federation and the IRISH PRO TEAM

Jointly Announce and welcome MMA Fighters in Ireland to attend an Open Casting January 18, 2009 at: Straight Blast Gym-
Try outs will take place from 2pm through 5pm at the location above for all those fighters interested in trying out for the Irish Pro Team headed by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt John Kavanagh (owner & trainer).

This is open to all fighters from all gyms and martial arts schools. You are able to continue your training with your current team with the benefit of having a global fight team management company working to get you the best sponsorship deals and national and international fights. Whether you are looking to make your debut at C class or have had 10 A class pro fights this is a great opportunity for you. There will also be regular Irish Pro Team squad sessions where you will get the chance to train with the best MMA athletes in Ireland under the guidance of MMA coach John Kavanagh.

PRO TEAM MMA is a global fight federation representing teams and pro mma fighters from around the world. Pro Team MMA is the management company that represents Tom “The Tank” Egan in his upcoming UFC 93 Dublin Fight this January 17th, 2009 at the O2 Arena. Ernesto Cespedes, Director of International Operations for Pro Team MMA, will attend the try outs and assist John Kavangh with the fighters trying out for positions on the Irish Pro Team.

PRO TEAM MMA is currently establishing and signing on pro fighters and teams in several countries, namely the United States, Ireland, England, France, Central & South America and will be entering in negotiations with fighters and teams in Eastern Europe and Asia by mid 2009.

Email now to sign up for the opportunity to try out for the Irish Pro Team January 18th, 2009.

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