RING ROASTS 1: A Comedic Tribute to The Iron Sheik

by Woody on 30th December 2008

Suppiler: www.kayfabecommentaries.com
Certificate: 18
Number of Discs: 2
Price: $24.95
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Reviewed by:TotalWrestling.net

When I heard Kayfabe Commentaries latest DVD release called Ring Roasts 1 A Comedic tribute to the Iron Sheik my first thought was what in God’s name is a ring roast? And then I thought it must be good if Kayfabe Commentaries and the Iron Sheik are involved in it. If you don’t know who the Iron Sheik is by now then you must be living on another planet! Although the Iron Sheik is a former WWE champion and a WWE hall of famer he is best known for his wild and crazy shoot interviews and YouTube clips. On this 2 disc DVD set we get to see a comedic tribute to the Iron Sheik by former pro wrestlers such as King Kong Bundy, ‘The Rock’ Don Muraco, Bob Backlund, B. Brian Blair to name a few as well as comedians Mike Morse, Ryan Maher and Roundboy Jimmy Graham. The show kicks off with KCs Sean Oliver introducing the wrestlers and comedians (I never heard of any of the comedians but then again I am Irish) The show kicks off with the host of the night ‘wrestling journalist Bill Apter’. First up is comedian Mike Morse and I soon find out what a ring roast is, the guy takes the piss out of the iron Sheik big time, some funny stuff, some not so funny stuff and some disrespectful stuff but he does remind the fans at the show that this is what a roast is all about. But it’s not just the comedians that roast the Iron Sheik some of the wrestlers get there turn to give it to the Shiek and most of them do a funny job of it, but Sheik is not the only one who gets a roasting…. Now as you might know from my past reviews I am no fan of the Iron Shiek’s manager that low life scum bag Eric Simms, now I knew the guy would be at this event but I did not know is that he was on stage with the comedians and wrestlers and he got his chance to roast the Sheik but turns out that I am not the only one who HATES Eric Simms as he is the one who gets a roasting from the fans in attendance. (I would like to thank each and every one in attendance who shouted abuse at Eric Simms) Now Shiek and Brian Blair are no friends and it was Shiek’s crazy shoot on Blair that has put the Iron Sheik back on the map. B Brain Blair comes across as a ‘humble’ guy and thanks the fans for turning up and has some good words about the iron Sheik but Sheik takes no notice and slaps Brian Blair in the face (while watching the DVD Extras this came across as a work to me.) and talking of the extras they are on Disc 2 and include:  

Exclusive backstage footage of the entire night!

Scott Hall incident!

Aftermath of the Brian Blair/Iron Sheik incident!

Overall this is a strange/Fun & crazy DVD and well worh $24.95. Pick up a copy today at Kayfabecommentaries.com








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