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by on 14th September 2010

The 13th September 2010 episode of Monday Night Raw starts before the titles roll with John Cena and Randy Orton standing in front of the Raw Roulette wheel, and with Josh Mathews welcoming us and telling us that the main event will be Cena vs. Orton, and explaining what matches could take place – Cena stops Mathews from spinning it and lets Eve do it instead, making it land on “Tables”.

Mathews reminds Cena about the last Table match he was in, which Cena replies saying was a bad time in his life that he was trying to forget about, but says that tonight will be different because he feels like luck is on his side.

After the titles roll, Justin Roberts introduces this week’s Guest Star; Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals. After being handed a microphone, he welcomes everyone to the Season Première of Raw, and says that there has never been a Guest Star as handsome as himself, and that tonight is going to be exciting and unforgettable, because Raw Roulette is back – but before he can add anything else, The Miz’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

The Miz welcomes Ochocinco to Raw and says that it’s nice having a Guest Star that he cane relate to; they both say what they want, just because they can. Ochocinco is a six-time pro wide receiver, and he is Mr. Money In The Bank and the United States Champion, then realising that because he is a champion, they are nothing alike, as Ochocinco will never be a champion because he plays for the Cincinnati Bungles.

After some more back-and-forth banter between them both, The Miz ends with saying that he is The Miz, and he is Awesome. The sound plays and the lights flash before he can finish the word, and Michael Cole informs us that he has an email from the General Manager, saying that it’s time to determine The Miz’s match tonight, asking for the wheel to be spun, which Alicia Fox does with it landing on “Submission”.

After another email, Cole says that the GM is letting Ochocinco choose the opponent – who chooses The Miz’s opponent at Night Of Champions, Daniel Bryan. After getting out of the LeBell Lock attempt and exiting the ring, The Miz grabs a microphone and claims to have a hernia, saying that he is pulling out of the match to make sure that he can defend his title at Night Of Champions.

Stopping Justin Roberts from announcing him as forfeiting the match, he says that Alex Riley will take his place instead. The match ends quickly with Riley tapping out to the LeBell Lock, with The Miz entering the ring and attacking Bryan afterwards, setting up for the Skull-Crushing Finale onto the United States Championship, but having it reversed into the LeBell Lock which makes The Miz tap out on the title belt.

Now, it’s time to find out what match Edge will compete in, with him and Jillian singing as she spins the wheel, but we don’t actually see the wheel stop. Edge takes on Evan Bourne in what we find out is a Body Slam Challenge, which Edge wins. Afterwards, Edge spears Bourne, causing the General Manager to email and say that because of that action, Edge will have to compete in a second Body Slam Challenge right now against Mark Henry – which Edge loses.

Next up, Ted DiBiase and Maryse go against R-Truth and Eve in a “Song and Dance” match, with Truth and Eve going first; him rapping and she dancing, but waving off “What’s Up” from playing which he says that we’ve already heard, playing something new instead.

When it’s DiBiase and Maryse’s turn, she does what could vaguely be construed as dancing as he sings Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”, after which Jerry Lawler quips that Pat Patterson is rolling over in his grave after that, and when Cole points out that he isn’t dead, he says that singing probably just killed him. The winners seem to be R-Truth and Eve.

Afterwards, DiBiase and Maryse attack Truth and Eve, but having their attack turned back on them and then R-Truth and Eve repeat their performance in the ring.

The Bella Twins spin the Roulette wheel for William Regal, and it lands on “Trading Places”, which Ochocinco explains is like teams swapping their jerseys, with Goldust being revealed as Regal’s opponent and handing him a wig.

Sheamus turns up and Ochocinco points out that if John Morrison beats Sheamus in their match, John Morrison will take Chris Jericho’s place in the Six-Pack Challenge. Referring to The Bella Twins as “fellas”, he tells them to spin the wheel and it lands on “Falls Count Anywhere”.

Elsewhere backstage, Zack Ryder says to Edge that the General Manager has it in for him, asking f he had stolen the General Manager’s girlfriend or something, to which Edge calls Ryder a tool and says that he couldn’t have because he doesn’t even know who the GM is.

Edge says that when he wins the WWE Championship, he will go MIA with it, but Sheamus interrupts and says that if he was him, he wouldn’t hold his breath, and that he should pay attention to what he does to Morrison next.

After showing Morrison doing Parkour before coming out for his match, we have the match between him and Sheamus. Sheamus gets the 3-count on the stage after Jericho comes out and hits Morrison’s back with a chair, with Jericho then sitting in the ring on the chair as Sheamus celebrates.

With Jericho still sitting in the ring but now with a microphone, he says that he’s not going anywhere until he gets exactly what he wants, that he will sit in the chair in the middle of the ring all night if he has to, until he gets an email stating that the Six-Pack Challenge is back on and that he has been re-instated in the match, and that if he doesn’t get what he wants, he quits and will watch at home and laugh as the WWE goes up in flames without him.

He warns the GM that before he leaves he will track him down and reveal his identity to the entire world, and when the sound plays and Cole starts to say that he’s received an email, he interrupts him saying that it’s obvious that he’s got an email and calling him an idiot, tells him to read it.

The GM says that he doesn’t like ultimatums, and that there’s no chance that will work – no chance in hell. Jericho doesn’t believe that the GM is Vince McMahon as he has courage and guts and he would realise that his most important asset needs to be in the Pay-Per-View so to try again.

Another sound plays and Jericho tells Cole to shut up and read it when he tries to tell us again that he’s received another email. Cole tells us that the GM has made the Six-Pack Challenge an elimination match, and that he has decided to put Jericho back in the match.

Jericho says that a deal is a deal, so he will go now and guarantees that he will become the WWE Champion at Night Of Champions. Another email from the GM and after telling Jericho never to interrupt him again, continues saying that Jericho is only back in the match if he wins his handicap match against The Hart Dynasty in a Steel Cage. Jericho gets the victory after making Tyson Kidd tap out to the Walls Of Jericho.

Next, Goldust is in the ring as William Regal and Regal makes his way to the ring looking like Goldust, but the match ends quickly as after Regal does his impression, Goldust hits him with bass knuckles and pins him.

After Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler go over the the matches to take place at Night Of Champions, Ochocinco introduces himself as the ring announcer and introduces the Tables match between Randy Orton and John Cena, with a video recapping last week’s match between Orton and Wade Barrett and it’s aftermath as Orton makes his way to the ring.

The Nexus interrupt the match, but one by one they get put through tables, with Edge and Jericho trying to interrupt after that but ending with a sidestep from Orton to send an Edge Spear into Jericho putting him through the table in the corner.

Sheamus’s subsequent attack on Cena doesn’t end well for him either as he gets an Attitude Adjustment onto the floor outside, with the match ending after Orton counters the Attitude Adjustment to himself at the last second into an RKO to put Cena through the table for the victory.

Afterwards, a video plays the highlights of the last few minutes of the match, with Orton celebrating in the ring as Raw goes off the air.

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