NXT Fusion: Cole Sounds The Gong

by Firefly on 15th September 2010

The 14th September 2010 episode of NXT starts after the titles roll with an “Excuse Me” from Vickie Guerrero with her Rookie Kaitlyn, with Vickie telling us that after she was embarrassed by her last week, she has invited someone to make her proud – the Intercontinental Champion and her boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler.

After a video recapping Vickie’s embarrassment last week, A.J and her Pro Primo make their way to the ring for this Pro & Rookie Tag Team match – with Ziggler taking Vickie’s place. The match ends with Ziggler getting the win with a Zig-Zag, though Vickie seems bothered by Kaitlyn and Ziggler’s celebration.

After a video about Maxine, Matt Striker introduces the other Rookies as they are going to participate in a “Joke Off”, with a video recapping Naomi’s Challenge wins last week as she makes her way to the ring.

The live audience are the judges of this competition, A.J gets booed when she tells her joke, Aksana tells hers in Lithuanian at first, then in English, but still doesn’t get a good reaction. Jamie tells a knock-knock joke digging at her fellow Rookies.

Naomi’s joke is about a dog with no legs, Maxine says that there are five jokes in the ring with her, and picking A.J, she says that she reminds her of a girl scout, which she says doesn’t last in WWE, then handing her a twenty and telling her to get some mints which causes a fight until Striker breaks it up.

Kaitlyn tells a knock-knock joke that ends in a slap to A.J and then another fight until it’s broken up. When Striker asks the crowd for the winner, they overwhelmingly cheer for Jamie. Afterwards, Michael Cole calls it ridiculous and then gets up and hits a gong, saying that all the would-be Divas, Striker, and crowd should all be gonged, and that except for him and Mathews, the whole show should be gonged, then continuing to hit the gong.

Next up, Jamie takes on Aksana, with The Bella Twins and Goldust watching from the apron. The match ends with Jamie getting a schoolboy (or schoolgirl if you prefer) rollup for the 3-count on Aksana.

After a video about Naomi, there is a video about the events over the years involving The Undertaker and Kane, followed by Cole and Mathews going over the matches to take place on Sunday at Night Of Champions.

After a video recapping the earlier events of Ziggler and Kaitlyn’s celebration and Vickie’s reaction, Vickie confronts him backstage and after sending Kaitlyn away, ignores his claim of it being a one-time thing and tells him that if he’s not careful, he’s going to lose “this”, referring to herself.

Time for another challenge, this time being an obstacle course. First is Kaitlyn, but before she can set off Vickie interrupts and says that she’s going to show Kaitlyn how to run the course with perfection. Vickie takes a long time to prepare, but when she finally runs the course and taking 1m 27s, not too bad at first, but near the end she falls down and has a tantrum and slowly makes her way up the ramp, ignoring the cart.

Kaitlyn’s real turn now and she does it in 36.5 seconds, followed by Aksana in 37.2, A.J in 46, Maxine in 39.1, Jamie in 36.8, and Naomi in 57.4 after messing up a lot, meaning that Kaitlyn wins the challenge.

Vickie is happy about this, but apparently Cole isn’t, as he sounds the gong again and grabbing a microphone, he calls the show ridiculous, saying that it violates everything about his journalistic integrity with him being a former war correspondent, then saying that he’s done with the show and leaving as NXT goes off the air.

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