Rourke/’Mania Update, Y2J Note, Punk, Heyman/Orton, & More

by Al M. on 22nd February 2009

Mickey Rourke was on the BBC show ‘Friday Night with Jonathan Ross’ and when asked about WWE and WretleMania, he had the following to say: “I did think about it but people – people, other than me – gave me different opinions and told me I shouldn’t. And I’ve decided to listen to them this time. So, no, I’m not allowed to wrestle.” Note from Ryan Clark: Thanks to the numerous readers who sent that along last night! I do expect Rourke vs. Jericho at ‘Mania 25 for those who have asked but we’ll all have to wait and see after Sunday night. Will Rourke change his mind?! That’s the main question on everyone’s mind these days.

During his hiatus from WWE, Chris Jericho was featured in a horror film called Albino Farm. MTI Home Video has picked up the film, which is now set for a fall DVD release.

CM Punk will be a presenter at the Epiphone Revolver Golden God Awards. The ceremony takes place on April 7th in Los Angeles.

Paul Heyman has his latest UK Sun article up on their website, discussing wrestling heels and Randy Orton leads the pack.

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