DVD Review: Pro Wrestling: EVE – Episode V: Empire Strikes Back (Chapter One)

by Firefly on 26th January 2011

The third DVD from Pro Wrestling: EVE, the first of the show from the 16th October 2010, was recently released on DVD. This show marked the next step for Pro Wrestling: EVE, with some noticeable but welcome changes from the previous show, such as the entrance way and entrance graphics.

Our first match is Shanna vs. WAW Gym’s Britani Knight.

A good back-and-forth match which sees Shanna’s previous injury working against her as she takes too long to dive off the ropes, and is then defeated after Britani Knight hits her with the Knight Light.

After a promotion for EVE’s next shows in April in which a Champion will be crowned and a promotion for EVE from Destiny and Amazon, we have our next match which pits the Northern Shooters Gym’s Jenny Sjödin and April Davids against WAW Gym’s Amazon and Destiny.

This match gets off to an explosive start with Jenny and April deciding to jump Amazon and Destiny, to which both are equally happy to fight back, unfortunately the degeneration into a brawl is unable to be brought to order by the referee, and both teams are ultimately disqualified.

After promotion for the first two EVE DVDs and of The Alpha Female promoting EVE, we see a video recapping the events of the last show in which Janey B (now referred to as Jane Beatrix Dunn) was forced to compete in the place of Melanie Price (who has now parted ways with EVE), before the next match which is The Alpha Female vs. An Unknown Member of the Glamour Gym.

The “unknown member” is once again revealed to be Jane Beatrix Dunn as when she is about to announce who will be facing The Alpha Female, she turns around to discover that Carmel Jacob and Sara-Marie Taylor have exited the ring.

Though Jane fights off two chokeslam attempts and then kicks out of the successful double-handed choke-bomb, The Alpha Female gets the victory with the Omega Slam. Afterwards, Carmel and Sara-Marie evidently aren’t happy with the result, as they then start to attack Jane.

The Alpha Female even thinks that it’s crossing the line, and re-enters the ring to force Carmel and Sara-Marie to bail out and get away. She then picks up Jane and pushes her forward before exiting again, in what appears to be a show of respect for her.

Somebody comes down to interview Jane and mentions that she is supposed to be taking Melanie Price’s place in the Three Minute Warning match later in the show, but was just decimated by The Alpha Female and then beaten up by Carmel and Sara-Marie.

He then asks if she will even be able to do it, to which she replies that she doesn’t think that she can, and after he comments that it was hard to watch, she says that the other girls will kill her, so she can’t do it and will find somebody else.

After promotion for the Pro Wrestling:EVE T-Shirt and one for EVE by Rhia O’Reilly and Becky James, we see an earlier interview with the Glamour Gym’s Carmel Jacob and Sara-Marie Taylor.

After footage from the previous show of the match between Rhia O’Reilly and Sara-Marie Taylor, and the later match between the Glamour Gym and Team Storm, we have our next match which sees Team Storm’s Becky James and Rhia O’Rielly taking on the Glamour Gym’s Carmel Jacob and Sara-Marie Taylor.

The Glamour Gym manages to dominate by taking plenty of advantage of the referee’s back being turned, and gets the win when Sara hits the Makeover DDT for the 3-count.

After promotion for EVE’s website and for ClickWrestle.com, we have some lighthearted bonus footage of Saraya and Britani Knight attempting to cut an “EVE Ident” promo.

Next, we have another earlier interview with Nikki Storm cutting a promo on Saraya Knight, after which we have Team Storm’s Nikki Storm vs. WAW Gym’s “Sweet” Saraya Knight.

Nikki gives a great effort against Saraya, but she is finally defeated – much to Saraya’s relief – with a rope-assisted powerbomb. Afterwards, Saraya helps Nikki up and after grabbing a microphone talks about how Nikki gave her a hell of a fight and how EVE and the other females are the future of women’s wrestling and how proud she is of that.

After another promotion for the April shows, we have the first of the DVD Bonus Interviews. The first of which is from Jetta coming out on the October show to explain what she was doing there, in which she reiterates what Saraya said about the future generation, and says that although she’s not saying that she’ll never wrestle again, as you can never say never, if she is seen around, it is simply to give advice and support to the others.

Secondly after another promotion for the previous show’s DVDs, we have the first part of the “Home Interview with Britani and Saraya Knight”, in which Saraya talks about how wrestling has changed from when she first got into the business, how she trains new female wrestlers, and how she had a great match out in terrible weather conditions only a few months after recovering from a knee injury.

The DVD finishes with a video package promoting that the fourth DVD and second for this show will be released soon, followed by some promotional photos for EVE.

Just like the previous DVDs (click here for our review of the first DVD, and here for our review of the second), I would again make the criticism about the Scene Selection not being labelled, but other than that it is still a great DVD and I am once again left wanting more and looking forward to the release of the next one.

You can buy this DVD (as well as the previous ones) from EVEWrestling.com for £9.99, with free worldwide shipping and handling.

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