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by Firefly on 13th July 2010

The 12th July 2010 episode of Monday Night Raw kicks off with a video recapping the events of last week between John Cena and The Nexus, which led to the decision by the Anonymous Raw General Manager to have John Cena face The Nexus in a 7-on-1 Handicap Match.

After the Raw titles roll, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole welcome us to Raw and inform us that because of what John Cena did to him last week, Darren Young is unable to compete, so the match will now be 6-on-1.

Cena’s music hits, he comes out thanking the fans, and special thanks to the WWE Superstars who helped him last week against The Nexus. He says that something was missing though, a “pale flash”, “white lightning”, he says that Sheamus didn’t show up and that he should realise that when it comes to The Nexus, they are all in this together.

Cena says that next week Sheamus will realise that he’s lost the WWE Championship as he’s facing him in a Steel Cage Match this Sunday at Money In The Bank. Cena says that Sheamus has a chance to prove that he is actually good, without rainbows or pots of gold, and that the only “Lucky Charms” are those that Cena will be eating for breakfast that morning. Cena says that this Sunday “The Champ will be here!”

He says that that will actually be the easiest match of the week because of the Handicap match, Cena reaffirms his vow that he will take out every member of The Nexus and that the will realise that the “Cenation is in the building!”

At this point The Nexus come out on stage, Cena calls them the “Clan known only as nnnnnnn.”

Wade Barrett says that he likes a bit of humour, but that Cena shouldn’t be worried – they won’t be coming down the ring to beat him up as that would be too easy, instead they’re going to wait until later on in the night where everybody would be able to watch.

Barrett says that the best part is that they’ll be able to do whatever they want with a clear conscience as Cena brought it on himself, he calls him a hothead, and says he’s too short sighted to realise that the Nexus stands for a much bigger picture – more than that though, he disrespected the General Manager, and for that he’ll get exactly what he deserves.

At this point Cena interrupts and says he will get what he deserves, that being that he gets to knock their teeth right down their throat. A sound plays, the lights flash, and it seems it’s time for the General Manager to make his instructions known.

Cole goes to the podium, and announces that what he’s about to read out is from the General Manager – though I’m sure by now that should be obvious, it seems like Michael Cole likes to emphasise that, though he’s not wearing any reading glasses this week.

Cole announces that because of Cena’s disregard for the GM’s instructions last week, if any Superstar tries to intefere in any way in the match, they will be suspended for ninety days. At the same time, The Nexus has to tag in and out of the match, or otherwise they will also be suspended for ninety days.

Wade Barrett says that doesn’t make any difference, that they can play by the rules, but that Cena will still be in the ring alone. Cena says that they might get lucky enough to take him down, but if they do – he’s taking some of them down with him.

Eve Torres joins the Announcers at ringside before Divas Champion Alicia Fox makes her way to the ring, and we have a video showing Alicia Fox faking an ankle injury in her match against Eve last week before taking advantage to hit a scissor kick to then pin Eve for the victory.

Gail Kim is Alicia’s opponent for tonight, and once the bell has rung takes around a minute and a half to pick up the victory after blocking Gail’s finisher and hitting her own.

Afterwards Alicia tries to rub it in Eve’s face, but before Eve can do anything about it, we get another email from the General Manager, which again Michael Cole feels the need to specify it is from them, even though it is of course obvious. Cole then tells us that because of Alicia faking the ankle injury, the GM has awarded Eve another rematch, one that will take place at Money In The Bank.

Next up, we have more hype of the later match between Cena and The Nexus, followed by promotion of an article on WWE.com showcasing the 39 Superstars that have held the WWE Championship up until it’s current 100th reign.

All three members The Hart Dynasty make their way to the ring for a 6-Person-Tag Match against all three Uso’s, with a video showing The Uso’s attack two weeks ago on The Hart Dynasty as they made their way to the ring, then promoting the Unified Tag Team Championship Match between them at Money In The Bank.

Once the bell has rung, it takes approximately two minutes and forty seconds for The Uso’s to win the match thanks to a splash from Jay onto David Hart Smith for the 3-count.

Next we go backstage to where Chris Jericho is talking to Wade Barrett, wherein Wade thanks Jericho for everything he did, saying that he learned a lot, to which Jericho says that he’s doing exactly what he told him to do.

As Jericho walks off, Josh Matthews tries to catch him for an interview but is told no comment, before Wade Barrett encounters Yoshi Tatsu, quickly ending in a beat-down of Tatsu by the six members of The Nexus.

After promoting the Money In The Bank theme by I Fight Dragons who have ringside seats, Ted DiBiase Jr. makes his way to the ring accompanied by Maryse, while we have a video recap of Maryse distracting John Morrison last week, which allowed Ted to hit a thumb to the eye, followed by Dream Street for the win.

With a microphone in hand, Ted introduces what he calls the “Million Dollar Couple” – though Maryse doesn’t look too happy when he clarifies that he’s talking about himself and the Money In The Bank briefcase, not her.

Before Ted can say much more, John Morrison’s music hits and he makes him to the ring. He says that Ted doesn’t have to waste his time showering Maryse with anything as the French don’t take showers.

What follows is what appears to be a tongue-lashing in French from Maryse, which according to Morrison’s translation, actually said that everybody in the arena has Hippopotamus breath and smell like dueling Rhinoceri in the Serengeti Plains, and that she had referred to herself resembling a duck-billed, sea-faring dung-chewing, African Platypus.

After a blocked slap to Morrison from Maryse, Ted kicked him and tried to hit Dream Street, before Morrison was able to counter and knock him down to attempt to hit Starship Pain – but Maryse manages to pull Ted out of the way and Morrison lands on his feet instead.

Next up, more promotion for the handicap match before we have a skit between Santino, William Regal, and tonight’s Guest Host, Florence Henderson (aka Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch).

Aftewards, promotion for the Raw Money In The Bank Ladder Match, which has a spare spot due to R-Truth’s injury meaning that he’s unable to compete.

After a video recap of Edge’s win of the first Money In The Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 21 and later cashing in at New Years Revolutions, we have a match between Orton and Edge, with a recap video during Orton’s entrance of last week’s tag match between Orton/Bourne and Jericho/Edge.

After Orton is distracted by Jericho., Edge manages to win the match with his Edge-O-Matic, hooking the legs for the pin. Before Edge can celebrate however, Jericho gets in the ring and hits him with the Codebreaker, then in turn getting hit with an RKO from Orton.

After a flying kick from Evan Bourne, Orton collapses into position for Bourne to hit a Shooting Star Press – as Bourne is still in the air from the move however, Orton manages an amazing counter into an RKO, something which then gets replayed a number of times over the next few minutes.

Going backstage, Josh Matthews is with Skip Sheffield, asking him what is going to happen when The Nexus appear on NXT. Skip doesn’t answer and just walks off, where he bumps into John Morrison. Morrison isn’t intimidated, but he soon gets surrounded by the other members with them quickly giving him a beat-down before just staring down at their handiwork.

Back in the arena, Miz’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring before getting on the microphone. He says that all night people have been talking about how they are going to win the Money In The Bank Ladder Match, he says that talk is cheap and says to roll the footage.

A video then plays showing his actions last week against R-Truth, after which Miz says he doesn’t need to talk, his actions speak for themselves. He says that he didn’t need a ladder to do that, he did it with his bare hands and that that is one down, with six more to go. Miz starts to say his catchphrase, but before he can complete it the email sound plays, the lights flash, and Michael Cole informs us that there is another email from the General Manager.

Cole then informs us that The Miz will now compete against R-Truth’s replacement, quoting the General Manager he says “just when you think you have the answers, I change the questions”, something which teases the GM as being “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, just like last week teased them as being Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The replacement is revealed to be Mark Henry, but the match doesn’t last long once Miz moves out of the way on the outside and Henry crashes into the GM podium at ringside, which Miz then follows up by hitting him with a plastic trash can lid, followed by dumping the contents of the plastic trash can onto him.

Next, Justin Roberts introduces Florence Henderson as the Guest Ring Announcer for the upcoming match.

Once in the ring, Florence announces it as a 8-Man Brady Bunch Tag Team Match, the “Regal Bunch” comprising of William Regal, Zack Ryder, Primo, and Doink The Clown, and the “Santino Bunch” comprising of Santino, Vladimir Kozlov, The Great Khali, and Goldust.

The match ends with Khali picking up the win for his team after a Brain Chop to Doink, followed by the pin. Afterwards Florence Henderson rewards Khali with some kisses, reinforcing his “Punjabi Playboy” moniker.

Next we have a video recapping CM Punk’s 2nd Money In The Bank win and the subsequent cashing in against Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

Afterwards Josh Matthews interviews Edge, who says that he wants to thank Jericho for his earlier actions as it was a wake-up call. He said in Money In The Bank you have to have eyes in the back of your head, but that he has an advantage – he has been in more Money In The Bank matches than anyone else, that a voice in the back of his head reminds him that he needs to be ruthless, that he doesn’t adhere to any rules, and that essentially, he will do whatever he can to win.

Backstage again now, and Sheamus interrupts a beat-up Evan Bourne who’s with a trainer and some ice. Shortly after being surrounded by The Nexus, Sheamus tells them that Bourne was bragging about helping John Cena last week, backing off quickly as The Nexus beat down Bourne some more.

After Bourne is tipped onto the floor, Sheamus trash talks some more – until he looks up and notices The Nexus looking at him. He quickly runs for his life when they try to make a grab for him, asking someone along the way where John Cena’s locker room is.

Now time for the Main Event, The Nexus (minus Darren Young) vs. John Cena.

After a blind-tag on Barrett by Sheffield, Cena gets hit with his powerful Clothesline, tagging in Otunga who hit his Spinebuster, then tagging in Justin Gabriel who gets the win for The Nexus after hitting a 450-Splash.

Afterwards The Nexus surround John Cena, before they are able to do anything, Cena hits Barrett with a right-hand and fetches a chair from ringside which quickly clears the others from the ring. After what appears to be a quick pep-talk from Barrett, The Nexus start to climb onto the ring apron, before Sheamus runs down and slides into the ring with a steel chair of his own to help out Cena, with both watching The Nexus retreat up the entrance ramp as Raw goes off the air.

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