DVD Review: Pro Wrestling:EVE – Episode IV: A New Hope (Chapter One)

by Firefly on 18th September 2010

The 8th May 2010 heralded the début of Pro Wrestling: EVE, which took place at the Delphi Club located in Sudbury, Suffolk, in the UK.

The event was recently released on DVD, taking inspiration from Star Wars by calling it “Episode IV: A New Hope (Chapter One)”. We realise that not everybody will want to know the results of the matches without viewing the DVD, so we have enclosed them in spoilers below, which you can reveal by hovering your mouse pointer over the areas indicated.

Many of the participants of EVE represent competing Gyms, which EVE’s website explains that the Gyms have done and continue to do most of the training of those wrestlers. There is also a “Catch Division”, in which bouts fought under that have to adhere to a unique set of rules and regulations (click here for details).

After an explanation in the style of Star Wars of European wrestling and why EVE now exists, we start with our first match of the event is a Catch Division bout between two members of the Northern Shooters Gym; Jenny Sjödin and April Davids, which is a hard-fought back-and-forth match.

April Davids gets the victory after making Jenny tap out to a combination ankle/knee-lock.

Our second match is The Alpha Female (who has no Gym affiliation) taking on the Team Storm Gym’s Becky James (the first female graduate of Lance Storm’s Storm Wrestling Academy).

Though she makes a valiant effort, Becky James is defeated by the Alpha Female after being hit with a running Omega Slam for the 3-count.

The third match is a Four Corner Elimination match pitting the Glamour Gym’s Carmel Jacob against Erin Angel, against the WAW Gym’s 19-Year Pro Saraya Knight, against the Glamour Gym’s Melanie Price (accompanied by her Personal Assistant Janey B).

There are two competitors in the ring at one time, and for another to enter, a competitor must either be defeated or tag the other in.

There are a number of suspect tags, but the referee allows them to pass – though the commentator speculates that it is because of him being afraid of the women in the ring.

Erin Angel is the first to be eliminated, after Saraya hits a double leg drop for the 3-count. Carmel is next to be eliminated after being forced to tap out to what appears to be a side-Surfboard maneuver by Saraya. Saraya Knight wins the match after hitting a powerbomb for the 3-count to defeat Melina Price.

After a short promotion of EVE t-shirts which it says are available from the website, our next contest has the Glamour Gym’s Sara-Marie Taylor going against the Team Storm Gym’s Rhia O’Reilly.

Rhia is defeated after a charge into the corner misses and she is hit with “The Makeover” DDT.

After a promotion for ClickWrestle.com and one for EVE’s show next year on April 9th, Jemma Palmer (formerly known as Inferno on TV’s Gladiators) makes her way to the ring for her début match.

Jemma apologises to the crowd but says that she has not been cleared to wrestle, and though she begged the Doctors to let her wrestle and that she was even considering cutting the cast on her wrist off, she says that she was told that she still isn’t allowed to compete.

Jetta interrupts, making her way to the ring and taking the microphone. She says that did not travel all the way from her beautiful home town of Coventry to where she doesn’t even know where she is, (also handing out some insults for the crowd) for nothing.

She tells Jemma that she is pathetic for not being able to put up with such a small injury, when she herself has wrestled with broken bones and various fractures, speculating that she’s backing out due to cowardice from having heard of her.

Jetta continues by saying that she has beaten everybody in Europe and pretty much everyone in the world, because of which she says Jemma is scared that she’d be made to look stupid. Getting in Jemma’s face, she then slaps her and receives on in retaliation, with the match then being back on as Jemma tells the referee to ring the bell to start the match which is one of Jetta’s last before her retirement.

Other than Jemma taking a little too long to try to pin Jetta after tripping her – resulting in what the commentator calls a “Jazz Hands” attack from Jetta as she waits – it’s a good match, which Jetta wins after the referee calls an end to the match, even though Jemma doesn’t tap out to the armbar.

After the match, Jetta celebrates by drinking some water and spitting it into the face of the referee – twice.

After promotions for the EVE website, the EVE event on 16th October this year and one on 9th April next year, we have our final match with Britani Knight (accompanied by her mother Saraya) of the WAW Gym taking on Blue Nikita.

After countering an Irish whip by doing a baseball slide which hits Saraya, Nikita hits Britani with a low-blow as the referee is distracted by checking on Saraya, and then hits the Code Blue Crash for the victory.

Afterwards, Nikita verbally attacks Saraya for interfering in the match and challenges her, which Saraya rebuffs by saying that she was only at ringside to support her daughter, and that it was Nikita who involved her in the match.

She says that if Nikita keeps talking, then she’ll get her wish, and after asking the crowd if she is tough enough to kick Nikita’s ass, to which the crowd gives her a resounding “Yes”, she talks about how well Britani fought in that match, and reiterates that if Nikita keeps mouthing off, then she might take her up on the challenge.

Saraya says that she is not scared of anybody, and there is nobody that bothers her, saying that if Nikita wants her, all she has to do is ask. Nikita spits at Saraya, causing her to snap and the two then having to be pulled apart by not only the referee, but also the ring announcer, photographer, and security, with Nikita then being taken backstage.

The commentator speculates that this won’t be the last we’ve seen of this, and that something will happen later on – unfortunately however, it is the end of this DVD, and to find out what happens later that night will have to wait until the next DVD “Episode IV: A New Hope (The Final Chapter)” is released.

It is refreshing to see Women’s wrestling portrayed the way it really should be – not as simply eye-candy to pass the time until a more important match between the men, but rather actually involving plenty of wrestling, with the Catch Division being particularly interesting.

I would make a criticism that the link to scene selection isn’t labelled like the ‘Play All’, so doesn’t make it obvious that it’s available, but it doesn’t affect anything as I highly recommend this DVD.

The DVD is available to buy for £9.99 at EVEWrestling.com, with shipping and handling being free to anywhere in the world if ordered before October 16th.

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