SD Fusion: Beating The Odds

by Firefly on 5th February 2011

The 4th February 2011 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts with Booker T’s music hitting and him making his way down to the ring as the newest member of the SmackDown! Announce Team, first doing a Spinaroonie in the ring before joining Josh Mathews and Michael Cole at the table at ringside.

Vickie Guerrero makes her presence known along with her “boyfriend” Dolph Ziggler as she asks everyone to “Excuse Me!” when she makes her way to the ring. She says that this will be a SmackDown! that we will never forget as she has assembled qualifying matches to determine who will compete in the SmackDown! Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Speaking of the World Heavyweight Championship, she says that later on will be a match that we will never forget, as the “Uncrowned Champion” Dolph Ziggler will team up with both members of Lay-Cool to take on Edge and Kelly Kelly.

She then orders Kelly to come to the ring a number of times until she actually does so, during which the announcers tell us that the Championship can change hands to Ziggler in the aforementioned 3-on-2 Mixed Handicap match even if Kelly is the one to lose.

Vickie asks Kelly who she thinks she is by putting her hands on her at the Royal Rumble, and tells her that she is the reason and distraction that Ziggler is not the World Heavyweight Champion right now. She says that she has thought all week long about how easy it would be to fire her, but as it’s too easy she would rather humiliate and break down her dignity piece by piece for Kelly to feel what it’s like to be the distraction and reason for Edge to lose the title.

Kelly says that everyone knows who Vickie is; the one who’s trying to destroy her character and go through her stuff in the locker room and constantly in her personal life, which she’s sick of. She comments on Vickie saying that she should fire her by saying that maybe she should quit.

Vickie denies the accusations and calls Kelly “Little Barbie”, to which she gets called a vicious, paranoid, power-hungry witch and is told that everybody is sick of her. Ziggler interjects himself into the argument and says that he doesn’t care what she says Vickie did, but Kelly cost him his World title and is the reason he’s not the Champion right now, and he then shows an image of the “illegal” Spear that happened thanks to Kelly according to them.

Ziggler says that Vickie isn’t able to change the referee’s decision, but he is the Uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion, and the only reason that she is allowed to stand in the ring with him and Vickie is that she may be the reason that he officially becomes the champion later on – until then, they have no use for her and she should get out.

Kelly gives him a slap instead and then pushes Vickie over, but Lay-Cool then run down and back Kelly into a corner until Edge runs down too and makes them back off, he gets a shot in at Ziggler before retreating up the ramp with Kelly, as Ziggler, Vickie and Lay-Cool regroup on the other side of the ring.

Next, after a video recapping their successful title defence on Raw in which an attack by Randy Orton happened on Harris and McGillicutty of The New Nexus, Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella are pitted against Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater of The Corre. The match ends with Gabriel getting the victory for his team after he hits a 450-Splash on Kozlov for the 3-count.

Now, it’s time for the first SmackDown! Elimination Chamber Qualifying match which has Kofi Kingston going against Drew McIntyre in a match which sees Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio show up on the titantron for a long enough distraction to allow McIntyre to hit the Future-Shock DDT for the win.

Next up is another Qualifying match with Rey Mysterio taking on Jack Swagger in a match which sees Swagger’s head bounce off the turnbuckle and him then receive a kick from Mysterio, for Mysterio to then get the 3-count.

After a video recapping the confrontation between Alberto Del Rio and Edge on Raw in which we found out which title Del Rio would challenge for at WrestleMania, we see Edge and Kelly Kelly talking backstage.

Edge doesn’t have faith in Kelly, which she isn’t happy about and says he’s the same as Drew McIntyre which confuses him as to what he has to do with anything, but he does apologise to Kelly, however she says it’s not good enough and walks away.

Back in the arena, Hornswoggle and Rosa Mendes make their way to the ring whilst throwing something to fans (and one to Booker T), but Ricardo Rodriguez comes out onto the stage and introduces Alberto Del Rio, as they then make their way to the ring too.

He says that his name is Alberto Del Rio – but we already knew that, and we already knew that it was his destiny to win the biggest Royal Rumble in history and go on to WrestleMania, and that it is his destiny to be the new World Heavyweight Champion.

He says that he was planning on having his celebration later on, but when he saw Hornswoggle in the ring he decided to come out right away. He says that it’s not only that Hornswoggle is in the ring with the future World Heavyweight Champion, but Del Rio is there because he has a present for him.

He introduces the piñata which he says is filled with candy and toys to share with his friends in… he has to seek clarification with Rodriguez as to where they are and ends up saying “New Jersey” – to many boos as they are obviously not in New Jersey.

Rodriguez puts a blindfold on Hornswoggle and hands him a stick to hit the piñata with, before spinning him around, though it is obvious to all that the piñata is too high for him to be able to hit. Del Rio says to bring the piñata down to “this thing’s level” and it is lowered, but still not enough – Hornswoggle still ends up hitting something, but it is Del Rio’s midsection – though he doesn’t realise that as he searches for his prize.

After recovering from the shot, Del Rio retaliates by kicking Hornswoggle in the head and starting to attack him further until Kofi Kingston’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Kingston clotheslines Del Rio out of the ring, which makes him retreat up the ramp – until a distraction from Rodriguez sees Del Rio re-enter it and attack Kingston, first with the piñata stick, and afterwards with the Cross-Armbreaker until the referees are able to separate them.

After Booker T informs us that he will be a trainer on Tough Enough, it’s time for another Qualifying match which pits Chavo Guerrero against Kane, with sees Chavo hit a Frog Splash, but Kane absorb it and hit a chokeslam on him for the 3-count.

After a video hyping Triple H’s movie “The Chaperone”, it’s yet another Qualifying match as The Big Show goes against Wade Barrett (accompanied by the other members of The Corre) in a match which sees the referee get knocked out for long enough for Ezekiel Jackson to hit a clothesline on Show, which Barrett follows up with a DDT to get the 3-count.

Afterwards, the other members of The Corre re-enter the ring and congratulate Barrett until Show tries to get his revenge, but instead ends up being body-slammed by Jackson and told that the end has come and has awakened against him.

Now, it’s the Mixed 3-on-2 Handicap match for the World Heavyweight Championship with Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by Vickie) and Lay-Cool taking on Edge and Kelly Kelly. The match ends with Edge retaining his title as Kelly gets the victory for her team when she hits Layla with a Spear for the 3-count.

Afterwards, an obviously unhappy Vickie enters the ring and congratulates Kelly on competing in her last match as she is fired. Kelly bursts into tears and leaves as Vickie tells her to get out, that nobody gives a damn about her, that she is nothing to her, and it is her show and to get out of her arena.

Vickie turns her attention to Edge and says that next week he will be the former World Heavyweight Champion as there will be a rematch with Ziggler, but one with a difference – the difference is that there will be a special referee, and that referee is Vickie.

Ziggler re-enters the ring and hits an unsuspecting Edge with a Zig-Zag, then talking trash at him with Vickie continuing to laugh as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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