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by Firefly on 19th February 2011

The 18th February 2011 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! is the 600th episode and it starts with a video hyping that history will be made as for the first time ever it will be a 12-Man Tag Team match involving the biggest Superstars from Raw and SmackDown!

We start off with the aforementioned 12-Man Tag Team match which has Edge, Randy Orton, John Morrison, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio and John Cena taking on CM Punk, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, Kane and Dolph Ziggler. The match ends with Edge getting the win for his team after he hits Ziggler with a Spear after Ziggler has been hit with a 619 from Mysterio.

Afterwards, Vickie makes her way out onto the stage and orders Edge to hand over the World Heavyweight Championship belt as he is no longer the Champion, and she shows a video recapping the match between Ziggler and Edge last week to show the reason, as in it Edge hit a Spear in full view of Vickie despite her telling him that the move was banned and that its use would result in a title change.

Vickie repeats her declaration that Edge is no longer the World Heavyweight Champion, but her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler is. She says that later on we will all witness his championship coronation and that Edge is welcome to watch it from his hotel room as she knows that he is the one who assaulted Teddy Long.

She says that as long as she has known him, he has always had a hidden hatred that builds up into an uncontrollable rage, and that rage is what assaulted Teddy Long. She says that she and Long may not always see eye-to-eye, but they have a great respect for each other, which is why she regrettably informs Edge that he is fired.

After a video recapping the match between Rey Mysterio and “Dashing” Cody Rhodes last month in which Rhodes got a broken nose, we go to an interview by Todd Grisham with Rhodes that was recorded earlier in the week.

Rhodes asks if Grisham gets a sick joy from introducing him like that, and says that the world can’t see the pain he has endured or the mental anguish. He says that his operation was a success, but his opportunities for success have been destroyed.

He says while other Superstars like Mysterio are on their Road to WrestleMania, his own has stalled before it can even get started. Rhodes starts to insult Mysterio but changes his mind and says that it’s not important and bad-mouthing Mysterio is a step backwards as he is ten times the professional Mysterio could ever hope to be. He says that he came to announce that his Doctors have cleared him for travel, which means that next week on SmackDown! he has a special announcement for the WWE Universe.

Now, Eve and Beth Phoenix are pitted against Maryse and Layla (accompanied by Michelle McCool who joins the announcers on commentary) in a Divas Tag Team match. The match ends with Maryse and Layla taking advantage of Michelle’s distraction of the referee by them both hitting a double kick to allow Layla to get the 3-count.

After a video recapping the announcement of The Rock returning and being the Host of WrestleMania on this week’s Raw (click here for our Raw report), Kofi Kingston goes against The Miz (accompanied by Alex Riley) in a match which sees The Miz take advantage of Alberto Del Rio’s distraction when he hits Kingston with the Skull-Crushing Finale for the 3-count. Afterwards, Del Rio enters the ring and stands tall over Kingston laughing at his fate, before exiting the ring.

Next up, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater of The Corre take on Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov in a match for the WWE Tag Team Championships. The match ends with Marella and Kozlov winning via disqualification when Barrett interrupts Marella’s pin, but before The Corre can do too much, The Big Show runs down to the ring and clears it.

Show goads Ezekiel Jackson into entering the ring, but the closest he gets is on the apron before the rest of The Corre talk him out of doing so and they slowly back off up the ramp.

Next, Vickie and Ziggler are in the ring with the World Heavyweight Championship on a pedestal as Vickie welcomes us to Ziggler’s Championship coronation. She says that as General Manager it is with great privilege that she introduce the new World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler and Vickie celebrate, but are unable to do so for too long as Teddy Long’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, shocking Vickie and Ziggler. He says that the two of them look like they are looking at a ghost, especially Vickie as it seems that she had the most to gain from his attack and in fact is the one that people say was the first one on the scene after his attack.

Vickie adamantly denies this but Long tells her to shut up as he then continues by saying that she’s been after his job for a long time, but she won’t have to worry about anyone’s job as this is what is going to happen.

Before he can expand on that, Vickie confesses that it wasn’t her idea and says that it was all Ziggler’s; that she had nothing to do with it, and she tells Ziggler that she couldn’t hide it any more. Long says that he is glad that it is all coming out now, but they can forget about this title coronation and that the ring should be cleared.

He says that he is back in charge and that there will be a World Heavyweight Championship match right now. Though Vickie had the power to fire people, he has the power to re-hire people, so that is who is going to be Ziggler’s opponent – the “Rated R Superstar” Edge.

The match ends with Edge countering a Zig-Zag attempt and hitting a Spear for the 3-count to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Afterwards, Long makes his way out onto the stage and says that there is one more thing – Dolph Ziggler is fired.

Edge grabs a microphone and says that the night has been one long party, that it is the 600th episode of SmackDown! and he was there for the first episode, and is on the 600th episode with the title back where it belongs, and now Ziggler is fired.

He says that he knows how it feels as earlier he was fired, but it almost makes him want to sing. Despite him not being able to sing very well, he does have an idea for a song – na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!

Edge celebrates in the ring, with Ziggler (and shortly thereafter Vickie) leaving as SmackDown! goes off the air.

WWE Elimination Chamber is this Sunday, 20th February. Let us know your predictions in the prediction thread on our Forums.

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