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by Firefly on 23rd February 2011

The 21st February 2011 episode of Monday Night Raw starts with a countdown overlaying the “2.21.11” video to indicate that all will be revealed later on. To kick off the show, John Cena’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Cena says that he won the Raw Elimination Chamber and is going to WrestleMania to face The Miz for the WWE Championship, so it should be a wonderful night filled with wine, women, and song all rolled into one as he’d wake up simply saying “I’m going to WrestleMania!”.

He says that he hasn’t been hearing about The Miz or the Elimination Chamber since last Monday, but has instead been hearing about some alleged comments made by The Rock. Cena says that he doesn’t know what to say, and he was going to let him slide as he is The Rock, but what he thinks should be done is that we should watch the footage and then decide what to do.

Footage rolls of The Rock mocking Cena’s “You can’t see me” taunt and shirts last week (click here for last week’s Raw report), before Cena comments that he was excited to see him last week, but after watching that back he was being made fun of, so he should probably say something about that.

He says that if he goes there and calls somebody out, there’s only one way he knows how to do it – though he hasn’t done it in a long time, he still has a degree in Thugonamics. Cena says that he has to answer The Rock as if he doesn’t then he won’t be able to focus on The Miz or WrestleMania, so if he doesn’t end it tonight then all he will hear is “Rocky”, so as a one-time deal he is going to rap.

Cena does a rap that like The Rock’s promo last week is not entirely PG, but which seems to fit him a lot better than he usually tends to act.

Next up, John Morrison takes on CM Punk in a match which sees Punk take advantage of Morrison’s knee injury by hitting him with the GTS for the 3-count. Afterwards, Punk grabs a microphone and calls out Randy Orton, and he says that he is standing in the ring but has decided to give The New Nexus the night off. He says that it is not a set-up and talks about how people make decisions that affect other people’s lives day-in and day-out, like the crowd decided to pay for a ticket to see him.

Punk says that September 7th 2008 is when Orton decided to punt Punk in the skull, rendering him unable to defend his World Heavyweight Championship. A few twists and turns aside leads them to today, and Orton has his own decision to make – the bright lights of WrestleMania are not in Orton’s future, so he should just walk away as he doesn’t deserve to be at WrestleMania.

He says that it is up to Orton to decide why he won’t be at WrestleMania – either because he will be too crippled to compete as Punk is going to finish what he started, or because Orton actually cares about his physical well being because Punk is going to hurt him if Orton shows up next week.

Orton enters the ring to attack Punk after making his way through the crowd, he attempts to hit an RKO, but Punk counters the attempt and bails out of the ring as The New Nexus come down the ramp to back up their leader.

Next, Alberto Del Rio is introduced, but as he is making his way down the ramp Kofi Kingston attacks him from behind and goes to work on him until Ricardo Rodriguez breaks it up with a shot to the head with the microphone. Del Rio gets the advantage and works on Kingston’s arm and ends up leaving Kingston on the floor in pain as he stands tall.

Now, The Miz makes his way out to the stage accompanied by Alex Riley and he says that last week everyone embarrassed themselves as he watched grown men jump up and down weeping over another man, with that man being The Rock.

He says not to get him wrong and that back in 1999 he remembers sitting in his father’s living room watching The Rock electrify and verbally rip apart his opponents, so you can imagine his excitement when The Rock stood in the ring and said his name.

The Miz says that he wondered what classic line The Rock would say about him, and then he said that The Miz absolutely, unquestionably, undoubtedly, 100% completely sucks. The Miz asks if that’s the best The Rock could do, and plays the “really” game before commenting that he’s heard Kindergärtners say worse than that.

He asks the crowd if they think that he sucks and they respond that they do, and plays the “really” game once more before he says that he’s a little hurt, so he’ll check his tears in the reflection of his championship gold.

The Miz says that while The Rock is hosting WrestleMania, he will be main-eventing it and beating John Cena. He says that The Rock and Cena have something in common – they are both cultural icons and the WWE Universe loves them for it.

He says that he could care less what people think of him, and to take it one step further he says that it doesn’t matter what the WWE Universe think as he is the most must-see WWE Champion in the history of the company and asks if we can see that, because he absolutely, unquestionably, undoubtedly, 100% completely is Awesome.

The lights flash and the sound plays as Michael Cole informs us that he has received an email from the Anonymous Raw General Manager, and that the GM says that enough about The Rock as he’ll deal with him when he is ready, but as The Rock and Sock Connection were a formidable tag team, the WWE Tag Team Championship will be defended later on against The Miz and his partner for the night, John Cena.

Next up, The Bella Twins are pitted against Eve and Gail Kim in a match which sees The Bella Twins get the victory when they do the “Twin Magic” switch behind the referee and Gail aren’t looking and small-package for the 3-count.

Now, the countdown comes to a close as The Undertaker is revealed and he makes his way to the ring (above which his symbol hangs), but before he is able to say or do much else than take off his hat, Triple H’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring and plays to the crowd before turning his attention to The Undertaker.

Triple H stands face-to-face with The Undertaker before turning his head slightly to look at the WrestleMania sign, causing The Undertaker to turn his head after a few moments to do so as well before they turn their attention back to each other.

The Undertaker seems to shake his head and smirk before putting his hat on and looking like he is about to exit the ring, until he turns around to face Triple H once more and does his throat-cutting taunt, to which Triple H responds with a DX crotch chop – despite no words being uttered throughout the whole exchange between them both, none are needed.

Next, Sheamus goes against Mark Henry in a match which sees Henry get the 3-count after hitting the World’s Strongest Slam on Sheamus. Afterwards, the announcers reveal that “Miss USA” Rima Fakih will be one of the participants of WWE Tough Enough.

Going backstage, Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim are talking when Sheamus interrupts and asks if they find something funny, to which Bryan says that they weren’t laughing at him. Sheamus suggests maybe it’d be funny if he ripped off his head in front of his girlfriend, to which Bryan asks him what his problem is, with both of them staring at each other until Sheamus leaves.

Back in the arena, the next inductee in this year’s WWE Hall Of Fame is revealed to be “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan (who will be inducted by the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase), after which Michael Cole says that in a few moments he is going to interview Jerry “The King” Lawler.

He says that for those who think that Lawler and he may fight, that’s not going to happen as the General Manager has ruled that if either of them touch each other they will both be terminated. What he will do is be the bigger man and let bygones be bygones as he is a journalist, so despite what Lawler has said to him over the years, he is going to conduct a professional interview as he is the voice of the WWE.

Besides Vince McMahon in his early days, Cole says that he is better than Gordon Solie ever was, better than Gorilla Monsoon, is surely better than Jim Ross, and is indeed better than Jerry “The King” Lawler.

He says that many may not know this, but he is a former war correspondent and an award-winning broadcast journalist, so he will put those skills on stage as he will interview Jerry “The King” Lawler and all he can ask if for our attention please.

After introducing Lawler, Cole says that he knows that it was a rough 24 hours for him so he’s going to get to the point and asks what it was like for Lawler to get ready for his WWE Championship match at Elimination Chamber, how he felt leading into that match.

Lawler doesn’t respond, so Cole asks how it felt when he realised that his dreams were going to be shattered and he was going to lose to the most must-see champion in WWE history, whether he thought he might finally retire, maybe Cole was right and he should hand up his boots for good.

Lawler still doesn’t respond, so this time Cole asks when The Miz counted the 3 for his defeat and Lawler was staring up into the heavens, and he realised that his deceased mother – no disrespect – that his mother had the best seat in the house, how did he feel that he let his mother down.

This does gain a response as Lawler grabs Cole and pulls him to him before he tells him that if he ever mentions his mother again, it will be the last thing he ever says. He says that he has sat out there for weeks as Cole called him an old man and sang the praises of his thumb-sucking friends, but he should remember that he has forgotten more about the game than he or they will ever know.

Lawler says that Cole thinks he’s not going to compete at WrestleMania, but he thinks he’s wrong – he has a way to do so and he doesn’t care if it gets him fired. He issues a WrestleMania challenge; him vs. Cole.

Cole calls Lawler senile and says that he will never get him in the ring ever, and exits the ring to take his place at the announce table again. Lawler follows him out and says that if Cole wants to run his mouth like a tough guy, this is a chance to prove it, so he should be a man and show everybody what he’s got.

Lawler asks if he’s going to be a man or whether he is a gutless yellow coward, to which Cole responds by throwing his drink in the face of Lawler, and running away when he starts to chase him.

Next up, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel (accompanied by the other two members of The Corre, Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson) go against The Miz (accompanied by Alex Riley) and John Cena for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

The match ends with The Miz hitting the Skull-Crushing Finale for the 3-count to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions with Cena. Afterwards, Barrett says that The Corre have decided that they want to invoke the rematch clause for the titles, and they want to invoke them right now.

An email from the Anonymous Raw General Manager arrives, which according to Josh Mathews says to ring the bell, so it looks like the rematch is on. The rematch ends with Slater getting the 3-count to win their titles back when The Miz hits Cena with the Skull-Crushing Finale when he has Slater set up for the Attitude Adjustment.

Cena is left sitting in the ring wondering why and staring at The Miz who raises his title aloft from the stage with a grin while staring back, as Raw goes off the air.

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