The Dawning Of All Things Awesome…

by Dave on 27th February 2011

So having returned from the pretty epic showing of 1PW‘s “The New Dawn” yesterday (and having had some rest), here are the results:

  • Adam Cole beat Joey Hayes to retain the CZW Title in a good match, where Hayes was ridiculously over as the face (mainly down to Cole basically insulting the crowd and general heel stuff). They both had good psychology in ring and worked well together.
    Cole then cut a promo putting the roster on notice that CZW are coming (planned for later in the year).
  • Lionheart beat Andy Baker to advance in the Heavyweight Title tournament in what was an OK match, but was kind of lacking in intensity IMO (not to say that it was terrible, but it wasn’t the best match ever either).
  • Jimmy Havoc beat Ulf Herman (after Adam Cole ran in and hit Herman with his title belt) to advance in the Heavyweight Title tournament. Jimmy took a couple of crazy bumps (one through a table outside the ring, and then one inside the ring through a light tube covered table) as well as just generally being hit with various weapons.
    He then draped a CZW banner over them both. Ulf then cut a ‘colourful’ promo (pretty much constantly swearing, to the chagrin of a few parents [found out after the show that there had been a complaint]) telling Cole that CZW have got competition.
  • Fight Club beat M.O.B to officially win the 1PW Tag Titles after Adam Curtis interferred. M.O.B did a couple of crazy suicide dives through the ropes and all round it was a decent old school tag match
  • Martin Kirby beat Noam Dar in what was a good match, Noam Dar worked well as a heel (which he usually does).
  • Greg Burridge beat El Ligero to advance in the tournament, and Burridge did his typically comedic stuff in the ring, such as using Ligero’s horns on his mask to ‘ride’ him like a motorbike (see Team SHAG for his best stuff though), however his chest was basically red all over from various chops he’d received. Burridge cut an anti-UK wrestling promo turning him heel, which could see him lose a lot of his following as he did make one of the UK’s top faces (before last night).

Anywho that was the show, which rates highly on the list of shows I’ve been to. After that a few of us (fans, the owner of 1PW [Danny Rodd] and some of the Scottish Wrestlers like Fight Club, Noam Dar and Lionheart) went into Chester where a few drinks were had by those who didn’t have to drive home and it was a lot of fun.

Bring on the May show is all I can say, which I will promote in the next couple of weeks.

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  1. Avatar of Ron Simmons saying "Damn!"
    Matt 27th February 2011 at 10:15 pm

    Sounds like it was an interesting show, and though the complaint about the swearing obviously makes sense, surely a bigger concern would have been seeing the light tube covered table spot (which sounds extremely dangerous and violent)?

  2. Dave 28th February 2011 at 10:39 pm

    You’d think, but hilariously the wife of the guy who runs NBW said if her son (who is quite young) had been at the show she wouldn’t have minded him watching the match. I forgot to mention that Cole came out with the rest of us after the show.


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