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by Firefly on 2nd March 2011

The 28th February 2011 episode of Monday Night Raw starts with Triple H making his way to the ring to a great ovation from the crowd before he comments that it is good to see them too. He talks about how he has done everything in the WWE and after having seen lots of guys come and go, the only other guy that is still there other than him is The Undertaker.


He talks about how when he looks in the locker room, the only challenge he sees is The Undertaker, and he thinks that The Undertaker feels the same way, but that the only thing that matters now is the Streak. Triple H says that when the Streak dies, The Undertaker dies, and at WrestleMania if he can’t end the Streak, he’s going to die trying.


Afterwards, Triple H celebrates for a moment until Sheamus’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring with a big grin on his face, only to be given a low blow as soon as he enters the ring, thrown outside the ring and beaten up, and finally put through the announce table with a Pedigree from Triple H.


Sheamus’ night still isn’t over however, as an email is received from the Anonymous Raw General Manager, which Jerry “The King” Lawler reads out that says that he is still scheduled to have a match, and it is against the returning Evan Bourne. Needless to say, Bourne doesn’t take long to beat Sheamus, getting the 3-count with the Shooting Star Press.


Next, Michael Cole makes his way to the ring and asks Lawler to enter it before giving him his answer to his WrestleMania challenge, he says that he never backs down from a fight, so his answer is no – unless Lawler accepts two conditions. He says that he will face him at WrestleMania if his trainer can be in his corner, and he gets to choose the Special Referee – Lawler calls him “Cole sore” and says that he doesn’t care who he has with him, and he accepts to the delight of Cole.


He introduces his trainer, “The All American American” Jack Swagger, and as Swagger stands between Cole and Lawler in the ring, Cole goads him by pushing him but gets no response until he slaps him, which makes Swagger grab Lawler’s ankle and apply the ankle-lock, then leaving both he and Cole standing over a downed Lawler.


Now, Randy Orton makes his way to the ring and grabs a microphone, he talks about how Punk was right that when he punted CM Punk in the skull two and a half years ago was a mistake, but that the mistake was that he didn’t do it harder.


He talks about how he will beat Punk so hard that he will be eating meals through a straw and be permanently confined to a rehabilitation facility where his goal will be to walk again, and the only thing he will have is the faith that failed him. Punk makes his way out onto the stage to air his reaction, and he talks about how Orton is predictable and says that while he might try to put him in a medical facility, he’s going to put Orton in the ground.


As he and The New Nexus start to walk down the ramp however, the Anonymous Raw General Manager sends another email, which Michael Cole at ringside is about to get up and read until he says that he doesn’t want to keep stealing the spotlight and tells Josh Mathews to read it instead.


Mathews says that the General Manager says (on a funny note, before he continues a fan is clearly heard to say “Cole sucks!”) that Punk and Orton will face each other at WrestleMania, but for the next few weeks on Raw, Orton will be facing a member of The New Nexus with the stipulation that each one must beat Orton to legally be at ringside at WrestleMania, otherwise they will be banned from doing so – and no other members of The New Nexus are allowed to interfere in these deciding matches, otherwise the General Manager will personally disband them.


The first match is right now with Orton taking on Michael McGillicutty, and unfortunately for Punk it results in a victory for Orton – even more unfortunately however, Orton goes further and punts McGillicutty in the skull afterwards, ignoring Punk’s yells not to do so, in fact the yells make him look even more determined to do so before he does. After this, Orton high-tails it out through the crowd as Punk and the other members run down.


After a video hyping the signing of Sin Cara (formerly known as Mistico) and a Slam Of The Week video recapping the events of the second Tag Team match last week involving John Cena, The Miz, and The Corre, The Miz makes his way to the ring accompanied by Alex Riley.


The Miz talks about how Raw is no longer “The Rock Show” and how John Cena’s days are numbered and The Rock’s are over, so what everybody needs to realise is that The Miz is the biggest star in the WWE and the reason the crowd are attending and that we all watch – he says that he is the one all the talk shows want and that he is the face of the company and most must-see champion in WWE history.


The Miz talks about how it’s all about him, and that it always has been and always will be, and regarding him winning the WWE Tag Team Championship with John Cena, he says that the record books will show that he won the titles, and Cena lost them – which is exactly how he wanted things to go as this is his show and he controls what happens.


He says that Cena should only be concerned about him, but if The Rock and Cena want to go back and forth, he will beat Cena at WrestleMania and on the same night he will also beat The Rock, and then nobody will ever mention them again as they will only talk about him as the greatest Superstar of all time.


Riley asks the crowd to get to their feet an give respect to the man who will main event WrestleMania in thirty-four days, John Cena takes this as an introduction and makes his way to the ring. He says that he has very important news and says that just like the crowd he is upset as he cannot listen to another word The Miz and Riley say.


Cena takes something out of his pocket and holds it up, showing that it says “Doctor’s Note”, and he says that it diagnoses The Miz with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder due to being obsessed with being awesome, but that he is in fact below-average, you need a microscope to see him, he has over two hundred, an obsession with blue khaki, saves dog-poop bags, and pees in milk jugs.


He continues by saying that it has rubbed off on Riley as when he is alone he sits in a closet and eats toilet paper, to which Riley laughs and says Cena is too funny, but that he realised why people decided to nickname toilet bowls “Johns”, because everything he say Is full of crap – Michael Cole seems to be out of character as he sighs at Riley’s joke and comments that he couldn’t even deliver it correctly, after laughing himself at Cena’s toilet paper joke.


Cena calls Riley a sad story, and tells The Miz that if he wants to be a champion and live a legacy, he needs to start doing it by himself, and asks if he wants to look back on this years from now and realise that he shared his legacy with another man.


Cena suggests that they shake Social Media to its very foundations by firing Riley and making it just Cena and The Miz one-on-one at WrestleMania. The Miz asks if Cena is scared of “A-Ry” or whether he is trying to play mind games with him, as unlike Cena, he is mentoring the next generation of Superstars by sharing his brilliance with Riley, instead of hawking merchandise and trying to decide what jorts to wear like John Cena.


Cena makes another suggestion, this time that they call themselves Co-Champions, and to celebrate they are going to move in together, buy a tandem bike and ride it to “Bed, Bath, and Beyond” to buy some duvets, and relax in the evening with pinot noir and watching The Notebook or last season’s Bachelor.


He says that he wants him gone and will help him make the decision, so he wants a match with Riley – if Riley loses, then he is fired. The Miz talks it over with Riley before saying to Cena that he accepts on the condition that if Riley wins then Cena must admit that he is the greatest Superstar of all time because he is The Miz and he is Awesome – and he gives his word that he will not interfere in the match.


Cena comments about all he has been through over the past few months and obviously compared to all of that this would be something small, so he accepts. An email from the Anonymous Raw General Manager is received, but before Mathews can go read it, Cole says that he already threw him a bone once, so he’s going to read it himself, and he says that to make sure that there will be no interference later on, Riley vs. Cena will take place inside a Steel Cage – and the only way to win will be to escape the cage.


Next up, Eve joins commentary as a number of other Divas have a Battle Royal in the ring to determine the number one contender to the Divas Championship, which sees one of the Bella Twins get eliminated by Gail Kim, but as the referee’s back is turned and didn’t see it, the other Bella enters the ring to take her place as if it had never happened, and eliminates Gail.


Afterwards, Eve comments that she has had enough (as she saw exactly what happened) and tries to talk to the referee about what happened until The Bella Twins attack her until they are separated by referees.


Now, The Rock appears via Satellite to give his response to Cena’s comments to him last week (however I’m sure I’m not the only one who assumed that when he said he’d give his response on Raw, it would be in person not via satellite), and he starts off by mocking Cena with a a hat and neck chain until he takes it off in disgust.


He talks about how all of the People are behind him, and how Cena addressed him in the form of a rap which he thinks was funny, but to remind him and everyone it all started with Cena publicly running his mouth about him and calling him a liar when he loves the WWE.


The Rock says that by saying that, he insulted him and his family, as his love for the WWE is endless, he was born into the WWE, he grew up in the WWE, his blood is the WWE, his father and grandfather are both Hall Of Famers that he inducted, he proudly displays his championships in his house.


He says that he knew that if he made it in Hollywood outside of the WWE, then it meant one important thing – that he just opened the door for the WWE, the WWE locker room, for John Cena, he paved the way for him.


He says that there are consequences and Cena will pay for, and like nobody else, he brings it – Cena has opened a door himself, and on the other side is the “jabroni-beating, pie-eating, trail-blazing, eyebrow-raising, Cena you say what you want but reap what you sow and The Rock will kick your ass from here all the way to Buffalo”, so he’ll be addressing him sooner than he thinks.


He talks about the People’s spirit being everyone and it is because that he can raise the People’s hand, snap the People’s fingers, and electrify Buffalo just like that (he clicks his fingers and the lights go out).


He talks about how the crowd will feel the electricity as The Rock is with the millions – each time as the crowd continue with “and millions”, the lights go on before fading again, until the final “and millions” continuation where they stay on – bringing it to WrestleMania, and that Cena should open his ears, shut his mouth, and listen to The Rock’s special gift to him: “The Rock is back, to scratch a major itch, so enjoy your fruity pebbles, you Yabba Dabba Bitch!” He continues with “The Rock, he’ll address you like a man, in his eyes you’ll be looking,” and ends it to hit his music with “and in that exact moment, you will smell what The Rock is cooking!”


After a video of Shawn Michaels giving his comments on the WrestleMania match between The Undertaker and Triple H, Daniel Bryan starts to make his way to the ring for an upcoming match when The Miz runs down the ramp and attacks him from behind, an attack which he finishes with the Skull-Crushing Finale, before then walking around to grab a microphone and says that he did that because he can, so “welcome to The Miz Show” and that he is done waiting to to lower the cage and start the match.


The Miz tweets during Riley’s match with Cena and even takes a picture of Cena against the cage match which he then tweets. The Miz’s word obviously means nothing as he does indeed interfere at points, at one point even sliding his phone in to Riley for him to hit Cena with (Cole identifies it as an iPhone, but Mathews says he’s wrong and that it is actually a Blackberry).


Cena finally wins the match by forcing the door open despite the attempts of The Miz to keep it closed, but it appears that The Miz realises it is fruitless, and he lets go and quickly backs away which allows Cena to fall to the floor, but he has no time to think about it as The Miz immediately grabs him and hits him with the Skull-Crushing Finale, before celebrating on the stage by holding his title aloft as Raw goes off the air.

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