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by Firefly on 9th March 2011

The 7th March 2011 episode of Monday Night Raw starts with a video recapping Triple H’s comments last week, followed by The Undertaker making his way to the ring. The Undertaker talks about how two legends and icons will collide to do battle and that in the end there can only be one “Last Outlaw”, who he says will be him.


He says that the despite all those who think that time is catching up to The Undertaker and will be beaten by Triple H, ending the streak, he reminds him with a recap video of what happened to the person who tried to end the streak the last two times; Shawn Michaels.


The Undertaker announces that their match at WrestleMania will be No Holds Barred and though the possibilities of what could happen are endless, the outcome is iron-clad as he will come out victorious. He says that Triple H was right when he said that he ends the streak to kill The Undertaker or he dies trying, and he will Rest In Peace.


Next up, the remaining members of The New Nexus (CM Punk, David Otunga, and Mason Ryan) attack Randy Orton backstage before dragging him out to the ring to continue their attack, and then demand for the scheduled match between Orton and Otunga to take place – Orton agrees to this, and ends up winning it with an RKO despite all the punishment he has incurred.


Afterwards, Ryan attacks him and tells him that is what happens when he messes with The New Nexus, but he is also felled with an RKO, after which Orton stares down Punk who is outside the ring, but at the same time contemplating the position of the downed Otunga. Orton takes the presented opportunity and gives Otunga a punt to the head before Punk can reach him to stop it, so Punk can do nothing but retreat as Orton celebrates in the ring.


After a Slam Of The Week video recapping the match between John Cena and Alex Riley as well as it’s aftermath involving The Miz, we are told that The Miz tweeted that he will be boycotting Raw due to not getting the recognition he deserves, after which Christian is set to take on Alberto Del Rio.


Del Rio makes his way towards the ring accompanied by Brodus Clay, but stops short and tells Christian that he will face him – but not tonight, so if he wants to face him, he will first have to defeat Clay. The match ends with Christian getting the victory with a tornado-DDT for the 3-count, but Del Rio immediately attacks him and despite how Christian tries to fight back, Del Rio applies the Cross-Armbreaker before he is finally forced to leave him alone.


Conspicuous in his absence by not returning the favour is Edge, whom Christian has already saved from Del Rio twice; first after the Elimination Chamber, and the second last week on SmackDown! (click here for our SmackDown! report).


Now, after a video hyping Sin Cara and finding out that the next inductee to the 2011 WWE Hall Of Fame is “The Original Diva” Sunny, Nikki Bella (accompanied by Brie) is pitted against Eve Torres (accompanied by Gail Kim) for the Divas Championship. Michael Cole interrupts during the match by getting on the microphone and talking about how nobody wants to watch the match, as he says that they just want to hear his announcement so they should finish the match as soon as they can. The match ends with Eve hitting the swing-neckbreaker for the 3-count after the attempt at “Twin Magic” fails due to the referee spotting it.


Next up, after the announcement that “Snooki” from Jersey Shore will be on next week’s Raw and a video recapping Michael Cole’s introduction of his trainer and the attack on Jerry Lawler afterwards last week, Michael Cole suckers the crowd into chanting for Austin before calling them fools and announcing that his Special Guest Referee is JBL – John Bradshaw Layfield.


After making his way to the ring, JBL talks about how proud he is of Cole (calling him a “grizzled vet” and talking about the dues he has paid) and about how Jerry Lawler is a bully, how he hates bullies, and he is proud of Cole for standing up to him.


JBL is getting ready to sign the contract when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring – I think we all know what is about to happen here. After playing to the crowd, Austin is shouted at by JBL until he hits him with a Stone Cold Stunner, which makes Cole bail out of the ring and yell on commentary about how Austin has ruined his night.


After Austin celebrates with beer for a while – part of it being poured on the prone body of JBL – he notices the still-unsigned contract, which after asking the crowd if he should sign and ignoring Cole’s pleas not to do so, he signs it, before approaching Cole, wishing him luck in his match, and then pouring beer down his face.


Cole is not happy about this and ends up leaving, but in the ring JBL is once again on his feet, so Austin offers him a beer which they both drink until the inevitable Stunner that follows it.


Backstage, Cole complains to Jack Swagger about how he was humiliated and how he hates Stone Cold as much as Lawler, but Swagger tells him to focus on his match with Lawler and he will focus on Austin as he’ll break his ankle like a twig.


Back in the arena, after Jerry “The King” Lawler joins Josh Mathews on commentary, Daniel Bryan goes against Sheamus in a match which sees Sheamus supposedly hurt his ankle on the outside which leaves him unable to answer the 10-count resulting in a victory for Bryan.


Sheamus isn’t too happy about this and grabs a microphone before talking about how he has been on a losing streak, but he promises that next week that will change as he will become the new United States Champion – he suggests to Bryan that if he doesn’t win, then he will quit, to which Bryan accepts.


Next, CM Punk (accompanied by Mason Ryan) takes on R-Truth in a match which sees Truth forced to tap out thanks to Punk applying the Anaconda Vise. Afterwards, Ryan hits with Truth with a shoulder-breaker and both he and Punk then celebrate standing tall over him.


After the next part of the video of Shawn Michaels giving his opinion of how Triple H might be able to beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania, Vickie Guerrero makes her way to the ring. She says that due to her extensive negotiating efforts, to allow her to introduce the former World Heavyweight Champion and newest member of the Raw roster, Dolph Ziggler.


As Vickie joins commentary, Ziggler is pitted against John Morrison in a match which sees Ziggler get the victory after hitting the Zig-Zag. Afterwards, Vickie enters the ring to celebrate with Ziggler, but an email is received from the Anonymous Raw General Manager.


Lawler reads it out and says that although Ziggler was hired, Vickie wasn’t, and she is a very polarising figure, but she can have a job – if she wins her match next week against Trish Stratus. For now however, she clearly isn’t supposed to be there so Security make their way to the ring and make her leave.


Now, John Cena talks about The Rock’s response to him last week and says that as The Rock doesn’t like him addressing him in the form of rap, he will do so in the form of hip-hop instead. He unveils a t-shirt saying “I Bring It Via Satellite” (does anybody else want one of those instead of the regular ones?) and saying that The Rock makes everything too easy.


After delivering what he considers to be his knock-out blow, Cena is dealt a knock-out blow by The Miz, when he enters and nails him in the face with the WWE Championship. The Miz says that Cena, The Rock, and everybody else have disrespected him for the last time, and says that if The Rock was there, the same thing would happen to him.


He does a rap of his own saying that they are nothing compared to The Miz, before he addresses The Rock and tells him to be “the best Ryan Seacrest” he can be, and that if he has the guts to show up to Raw or WrestleMania, he will take his eyebrow, catchphrases, father and grandfather, roll them all up into a big ball and shove them straight up The Rock’s candy ass.


Because he is The Miz and he is….not finished yet, as he decides to taunt The Rock further and hits The People’s Elbow on John Cena, before finishing with “Awesome”. The Miz stands over Cena with his title held aloft and a grin on his face as Raw goes off the air.

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