SD Fusion: Reeking Of Awesomeness!

by C. House on 12th March 2011

The 11th March edition of SmackDown! opens with the World Heavyweight Champion, the “Rated R Superstar” Edge making his way down to the ring. The contract signing between him and WrestleMania challenger, Alberto Del Rio from last week is recapped before Edge takes a microphone in hand. Edge says that in 23 days, they will face off against one another for the World Championship at Wrestlemania 27. Edge asks Del Rio if he knows who he is, if he knows what he has been through to get to where he is. He continues by saying that tonight he doesn’t want a match, he wants a fight. The Rated R Superstar continues by saying that Del Rio has no choice, he demands he comes out right now, or he’ll find him, whether it’s in the parking lot, a hotel room or a bingo hall.

Cue Alberto Del Rio who slowly makes his way down to the ring alongside NXT Rookie Brodus Clay much to the dismay of the crowd. Alberto asks Edge who he thinks he is, calling him out. Edge rebuts and says that Alberto is a Ricky Martin look alike. He goes on to call him a coward. Del Rio says that he sends Edge home every week in pain, he says that he is going to replace Edges legacy with his own destiny. Alberto and Brodus enter the ring. Del Rio says he’ll become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania. He laughs and Edge has had enough, he attacks both men but soon finds himself outnumbered as Clay takes him down with a big clothesline. Del Rio mounts Edge and begins to attack. Brodus throws the Rated R Superstar into the corner of the ring and Christian runs down to the ring to the delight of the crowd. Del Rio and Brodus manage to take control, Theodore Long comes out onto the stage.

Long says that tonight will be historic, as Edge and Christian will reunite for the first time in 10 years on SmackDown! Tonight it will be Edge and Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay! We go to commercial.
Back from commercial and Kane is making his way down to the ring. The announcers recap what happened last week between Kane/Big Show & The Corre. Wade Barrett comes out with a microphone in hand to address Kane who is in the ring. Barrett says that Kane has made some monumental mistakes of late, not appreciating what The Corre has done for him and having the audacity to put his hands on Justin Gabriel. Kane laughs it off as Barrett calls him a “great big chemical experiment mistake” before getting into the ring. The two are about to go one on one.

Kane vs. Wade Barrett
The bell rings and Barrett is straight on the offensive. He backs Kane into the corner and unloads with a series of right hand shots. Kane comes back with a big uppercut and puts Barrett into the corner, he whips him across the ring and levels him with a big clothesline. Kane throws Barrett head first into a turnbuckle pad as Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and Ezekiel Jackson run down to the ring. The referee calls for the bell.

Big Show runs down to the ring with a chair and clears the ring. We go to commercial.

Back on SmackDown!, a tag match has been made official.

The Big Show & Kane vs. Wade Barrett & Heath Slater
Big Show is in control of Heath Slater, the rest of The Corre are no where to be found. Big Show hits Slater with a big scoop slam as Kane looks on from the apron. Barrett tags in and Big Show goes right at him, backing him into the corner and hitting a few big right hands to the abdomen. Show slaps Barrett across the chest taking him down to the mat and continues by throwing him into the corner of the ring and connecting with a second. Big Show runs back and hits Barrett with a big clothesline in the corner before looking to lift him for a chokeslam. Barrett manages to avoid it and hits a chop block, before bouncing off the ropes and hitting a big boot, followed by a second that finally takes The Big Show off his feet. Barrett then begins to stomp away at the Worlds Largest Athlete before hitting him with several right hands. Barrett tags in Slater, who continues to hit at The Big Show. Big Show is unable to get to his feet and Slater covers, but Big Show easily kicks out. Slater holds Big Show in a headlock on his knees as the crowd get behind the big man. Big Show is now on his feet and manages to fall backwards, slamming Slater onto the mat. Big Show looks to make the tag to Kane and gets there! Kane is straight up to the top rope and flies off with a clothesline taking Slater down. He goes on the offensive throwing Slater across the ring into the corner of the ring and hitting a big clothesline before following through with a side walk slam going straight into the cover for a one count. Kane takes Wade Barrett down off the apron before hitting Slater with a big boot. He calls for The Chokeslam as Justin Gabriel and Ezekiel Jackson once again run down to the ring. The referee AGAIN calls for the bell.

The Corre attack a downed Kane in the ring as Big Show makes his way over to the announcers table to get a chair, he enters the ring and hits Ezekiel Jackson with a shot to the abdomen, followed by a shot to the back. He then throws the chair at Barrett, who catches it and then gets punched in the face. Slater and Gabriel clear the ring as it’s just Big Show and Kane left. Kane is down and Big Show smashes him across the back with a chair, as retribution for last week.

Big Show stands tall to end the segment, as The Corre look on from the ramp.

Rey Mysterio is backstage. He returns to action tonight on SmackDown! Cole interviews Cena later tonight.

The entire Michael Cole, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Bradshaw Layfield segment from Raw is replayed.

Cody Rhodes is in action next.

A fully suited Cody Rhodes makes his way down to the ring, where JTG is already waiting. The segment in which Dusty Rhodes appeared on SmackDown! a couple of weeks back is recapped.

Cody Rhodes vs. JTG
Cody takes it to JTG from the second the bell rings and hits him with a series of boots and strikes. He pulls him up and JTG tries to make a comeback and pushes Rhodes back into the corner, but Cody manages to regain control. The referee backs Rhodes up as JTG is caught up in the ropes, but Cody approaches, and after he pulls him up and hits Cross Rhodes, he covers and gets a decisive victory.
Winner: Cody Rhodes

Rhodes quickly makes his way backstage following the match, he doesn’t want anyone to look at him.

Shawn Michaels talks about The Undertaker vs. Triple H.

Michael Cole is in the ring. He asks the crowd to welcome John Cena, who makes his way down to the ring. Cole thanks Cena for joining him on “his show” and says he knows it’s been a traumatic week for him. Cole says it’s difficult to watch and shows the video of The Miz beating down John Cena to end the show on Monday night. We’re back and Cena snatches the microphone from Cole. He says this is supposed to be the interview of the year, Cena tells Cole to turn around and crawl back into the hole he puked out of. Cena congratulates Miz for getting one past him, he admits that he has put all his time and focus into something that doesn’t exist.

Cena says that Miz made the biggest mistake of his career, he says that he has been caught up with The Rock and that all the Miz needed to do was keep under the radar, stay forgotten about, cruise into WrestleMania and maybe, just maybe have a chance at winning. Cena tells everybody that he is done wasting his time on “BS” and says that Miz wants to be “must see”, Miz wants to make a statement, “The Miz is the new face of the WWE” – “Then my focus has shifted to one new goal and that goal is breaking the face of the WWE!”

Cena’s theme music hits and he tells Cole that they are done. Cole asks if he can have Cena’s attention and says he isn’t through conducting his interview. Cole asks Cena if he is underestimating The Miz, because he is the most must see WWE Champion in history. Cole says maybe Cena is scared, that he is going to blow his opportunity at WrestleMania. Cena refuses to comment and begins to leave. Cole says he doesn’t want Cena to rap for him, he just wants him to answer the question. “You know what, maybe you can’t, because The Miz so eloquently shut you up on Monday night” Cole now has Cena’s attention and he removes his shirt, Cena grabs Cole by the shirt and Jack Swagger runs down to the ring. Swagger takes Cena down and locks in the Ankle Lock but Cena manages to struggle out. Cole is telling Swagger to teach him a lesson on the microphone, Cole tells Swagger to put the Ankle Lock on once again and he tries to, but Cena powers out and throws him from the ring. Cena pulls Cole up into an Attitude Adjustment position but Swagger makes the save, Cena then ducks under a shot from Swagger and hits him with an Attitude Adjustment much to the delight of the crowd. Cena’s music hits once again and Cole looks shocked as Cena stands victorious in the ring.

The Sin Cara hype video plays.

Laycool are now out, Layla will be in action next. NXT Season 3 winner Kaitlyn is her opponent.

Layla vs. Kaitlyn
Lock up in the centre of the ring and Kaitlyn overpowers Layla, throwing her backwards. Layla holds onto the ropes and Kaitlyn pulls her back slamming her to the mat with her legs. Kaitlyn throws Layla across the ring once again, Michelle gets up onto the apron and Kaitlyn takes care of her. Layla hits Kaitlyn with a big kick and hits the Layout neckbreaker out of nowhere, and covers an easy win.
Winner: Layla

Laycool position Kaitlyn in the corner of the ring and Michelle knees her in the back of the head to end the segment.

Rey Mysterio is out next to a big pop as per usual. Drew McIntyre is out next.

Rey Mysterio vs. Drew McIntyre
McIntyre hits Mysterio with a huge big boot to start the match. Booker T says that Drew McIntyre feels like a win over Rey Mysterio would be his ticket to WrestleMania. McIntyre hits a downed Mysterio with a series of right hands before the referee backs him off. McIntyre whips Rey into the ropes and tries for a clothesline but Rey ducks under and comes off the ropes himself, Rey then goes for a headscissors but McIntyre spins him into a tilt a whirl backbreaker, McIntyre then throws Mysterio to the mat and covers for a two count. McIntyre backs Rey into the corner of the ring and whips him into the opposing turnbuckles, Mysterio however manages to spring backwards behind McIntyre. He hits a headscissors and sends him into a 619 set up position, McIntyre however bails outside of the ring. Mysterio rolls under the rope to the outside and hits a drop toe hold onto Drew, sending him head first into the apron. Both men now on the apron and McIntyre pushes Rey back into the ring post, he then hits a side walk slam onto the apron! Drew is in complete control.

McIntyre has Mysterio in a bow and arrow type hold in the centre of the ring when we come back from commercial and Rey is struggling to escape. He manages to and presses Drew for a two. Drew however continues to control Rey, using a heavy strike offence to keep him grounded. Drew whips Rey across the ring hard into the turnbuckles, causing him to ricochet down onto the mat, he covers him for another close two count. Drew puts Rey on the top rope and begins to ascend himself, Rey however manages to come back with right hands and knocks McIntyre off the top, Rey then leaps off with a big seated senton taking the Scotish superstar down. Rey then runs and tries for a springboard crossbody but McIntyre avoids it and covers for a close two count once again. Drew once again whips Rey into the corner and tries to hit a big shoulder block but Rey avoids it, Rey with a big 619 to a rope hung Drew, he then goes up to the top and hits a big splash to get the three count.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Cody Rhodes comes out onto the ramp following the match and says that he wants an answer about the two of them facing off at WrestleMania 27. Rey Mysterio takes to a microphone and asks Cody where his daddy is. Rey says that he wore the mask with pride before Rhodes attacked him and took it off his face, he says he wears this mask with pride right now and finishes by saying he’ll wear the mask with pride when he beats him down at WrestleMania!

“The Game” Triple H makes his way down to the ring and takes to a microphone. HHH says that on Monday night, The Undertaker was gracious enough to remind him of what he is capable of in the ring. Triple H says he wants to show Undertaker what he does and a video package airs, profiling The King of Kings. The Game says that for the last two years, he has seen the two greatest matches he has ever seen, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. Unfortunately for Shawn, he lost both those attempts at ending the streak and HHH says that for the life of him, he couldn’t figure out why. Shawn Michaels might be the greatest performer of all time and he couldn’t get the job done, why? Shawn answered the question for him on Monday night, it’s emotion. He says Shawn has always had a problem separating emotion from his matches. In his own words, he said “he was overwhelmed with the emotion of standing in front of the mountain that is the legacy that is The Undertaker.” The emotion became his achilles heel, Shawn went to the ring not to win, just not to lose and there is a huge difference.

HHH says that according to Shawn he won’t have that problem as he has a sadistic dark side, a side that makes him down right mean, vicious, brutal. A dark side that allows him to do unthinkable things to anyone at any time without regret, without remorse, without emotion. HHH says that it sounds like a horrible person, but the fact is, it’s true. He says he’ll stand in the ring, on the grandest stage of them all, in the biggest match of his entire life and he will look across into the eyes of the greatest legend that there has ever been and ever will be in the business. He says to mark his words, he will do what no man has ever done before, at WrestleMania he will beat The Undertaker. Because he will have no emotion, he will not care about the mountain of legacy that stands before him, he will not flinch, he will not blink, he will not hesitate for one and second and he will not become unglued by things that go bump in the night. HHH says that Undertaker made it No Holds Barred, “Thank you.”

Triple H leaves the ring to a big pop from the crowd.

Christian is backstage, he says that E&C are back together after 10 years. He says a lot of things have happened this decade, we’ve seen the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, @Christian4peeps by the way. Jersey Shore, Survivor, The Apprentice, Martha Stewart lose her freedom, Janet Jackson lose her shirt, Charlie Sheen lose his mind, but what we haven’t seen is the two guys who started this decade off right. The two guys that TOTALLY reeked of awesomeness, but that was then and this is right here, right now. Houston, more specifically Alberto Del Rio, we have a problem! Edge enters the shot and asks if he’s ready, he is. The match is up next.

Edge & Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay
Christian and Brodus Clay start things off, Christian goes on the attack and seems to be in control of Brodus. Christian goes off the ropes and ducks under a clothesline and a second. Brodus throws Christian into the corner of the ring and goes for a splash but Christian avoids it and goes for a tornado DDT but Del Rio causes the distraction. Brodus grabs Christian from the top rope and throws him back with a big suplex. Christian leaves the ring and Edge tries to check on him but the referee says no, Del Rio takes advantage and throws Christian into the barricade. Edge tries to get to Del Rio, but he jumps the guard rail just in time. Brodus grabs Christian and throws him back into the ring. He hits a standing elbow drop and covers for a one count. Brodus lifts Christian up and hits a big scoop slam taking him down with a hard thud. Brodus tags in Del Rio who runs off the ropes and hits a big kick to the side of Christian, he covers for a two, then mounts Christian.

Del Rio is up and puts an arm ringer on Christian in the centre of the ring, the crowd are getting really behind Captain Charisma. Christian manages to get up and gets out of the hold with shots to the gut, Del Rio comes back with shots of his own and takes Christian down to the mat. Del Rio hits a big shot to the back of a bottom rope hung Christian before covering for a close two count. Del Rio rips off Christians elbow pad and hits a big stomp. He puts him in the corner of the ring and pulls his arm up against the ropes. Del Rio is in complete control, he puts Christian on the top rope and hits a big right hand before ascending up himself. Christian hits a right hand and Del Rio is back on the mat. Christian leaps off with a back elbow from the middle rope. Both men are going for tags. Edge and Brodus Clay are now legal. Edge hits Brodus with a clothesline and he doesn’t go down, he goes off the ropes and tries to hit a cross body but gets caught. Brodus then slams him down and covers for a two count. Brodus whips Edge into the ropes and tries to hit him but Edge avoids it. Edge then clotheslines Del Rio off the apron and looks for the spear. Edge runs but Brodus takes him down with a big clothesline. Brodus pulls the Rated R Superstar into the corner of the ring and looks like he’s going to hit a hip splash, Edge manages to avoid it. Del Rio is in the ring with Christian and gets thrown to the outside. Christian hits a big tornado DDT on Brodus and Edge hits a top rope elbow to get the three.
Winners: Edge & Christian

SmackDown! goes off the air with Edge and Christian in the ring and Alberto Del Rio looking on from outside.

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